Intern Reflection Papers

Through the Darkest Night
David Jackson ‘10
Our Brother’s Place

Cara Mia!
C. J. Ryan ‘08
inMotion Legal Aid

A Journey with Impact
Concetta Lowrey ‘10
Indian Education Center

Fire in the Gut
Tara Wohlgemuth ‘09
Memphis Area Legal Services

Clearer, Truer, Happier
Sasha Otero ‘10
Tenderloin Child Care Center

Growing seeds of wisdom
Glavielinys Cruz ‘07
Patient Representatives In the Department of Emergency Services

Helping others feel safe
Ione Curva ‘07

D. C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The seeds the farmer sowed
Rudy Chounoune ‘08

Children’s Home Society

Searching for justice
Claire Dunning ‘07

Women’s Law Center

Homeless in Hawai’i
Alyssa Helsing ‘07


Legal aid, for real
Radha Kulkarni ‘07

New York Legal Assistance Group

Defending the sacred
Elmer Long ‘07


Insight into American justice
Jane Viner ‘05
Legal Rights Center

Have fun sailing while teaching peace
Sarah Fink ‘05
Seeds of Peace International Camp

Hands-on experience with women and kids
Jessica Smith ‘05
Womancare/Aegis Association

Understanding the value of service
Ako Takakura ‘04
DHMC Emergency Dept

A tough but rewarding experience
Grace Lee ‘03
Rosie’s Place

Learning about rural culture
Julia Martinez ‘03
Ozarks Medical Center

Learning what it means to care
Catharine Hyson ‘03
Ellis Memorial Kindergarten

No more filing and copying!
Meredith Eilers ‘03
Women’s Information Services

Helping troubled chiljackson-david.docjackson-david.docdren
Shannon Stoval ‘03
Natrona County School District

Work with kids, rub elbows with politicians
Andrew Bailey ‘03
Lee Pesky Learning Center

Turning dreams into reality
Maren Thomas ‘03
Youth Employment Summer

My brush with death
Nathan Zwintscher ‘03
Nathan Adelson Hospice

Brightening up the lives of disabled kids
J.T. Leaird ‘02
Massachusetts Hospital School

Making a difference in young lives
Elizabeth Wilder ‘02
Tenderloin Childcare Center

An emotionally trying summer
Mary Cipollone ‘02
Waverly Children’s Home

Thoughts on Haley House
Christina Weiland ‘02
Whats Up Magazine/ Haley House

A look at the family court system
Devon Green ‘02
Legal Aid Society

Returning Balance To My Life
Mark Kutolowski ‘99
Rogers House

Finding His Spirit And His Being
Joshua Winterhalt ‘97
Challenge Alaska!

Valuing Her Mentor And Host Family
Chen Yang ‘97
The Bach Festival of Philadelphia

Alaska gave me not only
my home and my health,
but my calling...

DPCS Intern