Winter 2008 Interns

CJ Ryan ‘08

InMotion Intern
New York, NY

After spending the 2007 summer term taking
classes, CJ, who is expecting to graduate in June of 2008, will spend his
deferred off-term at InMotion, not-for-profit organization in New York City
that provides legal and social services for low-income women, particularly
women suffering from domestic violence. InMotion mobilizes thousands of
volunteers to address the issues low-income women and their children face when
they are not able to afford legal services. CJ will make his commute to the
Bronx where he will use his Spanish and legal experience to assist the lawyers
by “taking live intakes, running a walk-in legal clinic and undertaking a
translation project.” He will have extensive interaction with those seeking
assistance as he will be responsible for their initial intake into the
organization as well as in providing the services to the women. CJ is
interested in the internship because he “can apply [his] language and
leadership skills in a legal setting while providing a direct service to the
community.” The internship should be a mutually beneficial one, as CJ will be
providing a range of skills to an organization that fills an important
community need, while advancing his Spanish and pursuit of a law degree.

Jordana Beeber ‘08

SAID Atlanta Intern
Atlanta, GA

Jordana is excited to return to her hometown of Atlanta in order to intern at
AID Atlanta, one of the largest HIV/AIDS service organizations in the country.
AID Atlanta’s mission is to “provide a broad and compassionate range of HIV and
AIDS services, prevention and education.” As an intern, Jordana will be
assisting in the testing, treatment, and counseling of the clients as well as
going out into the community to conduct testing events at public venues, such
as nightclubs and shopping malls. Jordana previously worked part time at the
clinic during the Spring of 2007 and hopes that her previous internship with
the organization along with her experience serving as an EMT on an ambulance
and pre-medicine course work, will assist her in this challenging task. With
aspirations of becoming a physician herself, she hopes that this internship
will help her with communicating and interacting professionally with patients,
particularly when faced with potentially life-threatening diagnoses.

David Jackson ‘10

Bethesda Project Intern
Philadelphia, PA

In returning to his hometown of Philadelphia, David will help provide housing and
employment for the individuals that the Bethesda Project serves. The Bethesda
Project aims to assist Philadelphia’s homeless by “establishing environments
where homeless people can have their needs resolved by a community of
compassionate and hard-working people.” Working in collaboration with a veteran
staff member, David will work closely with community members to ensure that the
needs of the homeless are met, including providing meals, teaching basic
computer skills, assisting with job searches, transporting clients to doctors’
appointments, among other responsibilities. David is extremely excited about
being able to work so closely with the clients and address a problem that he
has witnessed since he was a child. David says, “I plan to devote my
thirty-five to forty hours of volunteer work each week to making a difference
in the lives of others through both physical and emotional support.”

Amelia Alvarez ‘08

Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center Internship
Berkeley, CA

For her DPCS Internship this winter, Amelia will be working at the Women’s Daytime
Drop-In Center, a Berkeley community center that focuses on providing support
services for homeless women and children. Amelia’s work will include helping to
provide free breakfasts and lunches, transportation assistance to appointments,
parental support, housing placement and references, HIV education and
prevention, and chemical dependency groups and counseling. Due to the small
size of the center, Amelia will be involved in working in all areas of the
clinic and is looking forward to “help them on the road to sustaining
self-dependency.” This internship also has great personal resonance for Amelia
due to the similarities it shares with the DPCS Internship of her dear friend
Meleia Willis-Starbuck, who had been performing similar work in Berkeley at the
time of her passing. Amelia is eager to begin her service experience and as she
says, “my time, energy, and heart will be devoted to this cause and I honestly
cannot wait to start.”

Rashmi Agarwal ‘09

Mary House Intern
Washington, DC

For her DPCS Internship this winter, Rashmi will be returning to her hometown area
of Washington, DC to address the needs of low-income families at the Mary
House. The Mary House provides transitional housing, after school programs,
food aid ,and other forms of support for up to thirty families, ranging from
single mothers and grandparents to whole families in crisis. Rashmi’s work will
also extend beyond these thirty families, as she will also be working with the
Mary House’s after school and food aid program that provide aid for hundreds of
local families. In her work with the after school program, Rashmi is planning
on introducing science projects and miniature programs on media and economic
literacy to make her time spent with the kids fun and educational. Committed to
helping others, Rashmi envisions a future of service, and hopes to work with
Doctors Without Borders and “appreciates the chance that [she’ll] get during my
off-term to devote myself to service.”

Michael Font’ 10

Volunteers of America & National Housing Trust Intern
Alexandria, VA

This winter Michael will be working at the Volunteers of America & National
Affordable Housing Trust on a project that allows him to work in both
Alexandria, VA and Milford, DE. While in Alexandria, VA, Michael will be
working at a homeless shelter working in the management services, education,
training and mental health divisions, his time spent in Milford, DE will allow
him to work on the planning stages for a new low-income housing complex that is
being built within the next couple of months. In anticipation of this new
housing center, Michael will be gathering information from future inhabitants
to find out what types of services they want and need. Working directly with
the Milford community, Michael’s community organizing work will help him
fulfill his goal of better helping “individuals with much hardship” by meeting
community needs.

Concetta Lowery ‘10

Indian Education Resource Center Intern
Pembroke, NC

For her DPCS Internship this winter, Concetta will be returning to hometown of
Robeson County, North Carolina to work at the Indian Education Resource Center
to work with local teenagers. The work of the Indian Education Resource Center
aims to have the Native American Students of Robeson County realize their great
potential. Concetta will be working to tutor and mentor these students, and
through her motivation she hopes that these students will find the wherewithal
to stay in school and pursue higher education. As a member of the community,
Concetta hopes that these students can look to her as an example of all the
available possibilities for them. As Concetta says, “It will make them see that
it doesn’t matter if their parents didn’t finish school, or if they don’t have
a lot of money, or if people expect them to fail. It only matters if they
believe that they can accomplish goals they set for themselves.”

Heather Luther ‘09

Tenderloin Childcare Center Intern
San Francisco, CA

This winter Heather will be moving to San Francisco, CA to work at the Tenderloin Childcare
Center, a non-profit organization that provides aid to homeless children and
rehabilitation services. Within the Tenderloin Childcare Center, Heather hopes
to work in the younger childcare division with children under the age of five,
and work with the children on a specialized early education curriculum that
focuses on art, music, science and nature, pre-reading and pre-math and hones
motor skills through play. As her internship progresses, Heather hopes that she
will become comfortable and confident enough with the children to eventually
plan her own education programs with them and plan activities. The goal of all
of these creative enrichment programs is to create a safe and supportive
environment that leads children to understand the role of a better education
later in life, and will “hopefully in turn carry them out of the disheartening
cycle of poverty.” This internship perfectly complements Heather’s education
studies, along with her past service work which includes involvement in
mentoring programs such as Sister to Sister, SEAD, and DREAM.

Christine Min ‘09

Sanctuary for Families Intern
New York, NY

For her DPCS Internship this winter, Christine will be working at the Sanctuary for
Families on the Immigration Intervention Project in New York. As immigration
requirements in this country continually change, Christine will be working on a
massive project that will aid in ensuring the security and placement of current
immigrants. Christine will be working in the Legal Services department, and her
project helps battered immigrant women get citizenship and benefits and aid in
their application for asylum. For women facing deportation, Christine’s help
will be invaluable for ensuring that they can find proper places for
habitation. As Christine explains, “immigrant women are some of the most
economically disadvantaged people being served at Sanctuary and my part would
be to make sure that they do not suffer for their status and to provide
education about what they need to do to stay here.”

Tara Wohlgemuth ‘09

Memphis Area Legal Services Intern
Memphis, TN

Tara will be returning to her hometown of Memphis, TN this winter to perform
her DPCS Internship at Memphis Area Legal Services. Memphis Area Legal Services
is a non-profit legal firm that is committed to achieving social justice for
all people, helping children, families and individuals to address legal
problems that affect their basic needs. In her internship, Tara will be
assisting the attorneys in providing legal services to those citizens in need
of aid. More specifically, Tara will be working on outreach and she will
organize clinics to inform and attract potential clients and attract those who
would benefit from the work of Memphis Area Legal Services. In her work, Tara
hopes to “be assisting those who really make a difference in people’s in the
lives of people need of legal services but cannot pay for so.”