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The DPCS Post-Graduate Fellowship program helps connect motivated Dartmouth graduates with meaningful one-year Fellowship experiences at host organizations in Washington, D.C. and New York City. The program is a partnership between the William Jewett Tucker Foundation, Dartmouth Career Services, and the alumni of DPCS to provide support and access to students seeking careers in organizations working for the common good.

Is your organization interested in finding out more about hosting a Post-Graduate Fellow? Click here for more information on the program and partnering with us.

The DPCS postgraduate program continues to flourish, placing fellows in New York and Washington DC into community service organizations where they are becoming engaged and passionate contributors to their communities.

The postgraduate fellows in New York City:

Michael Appeadu ’12, HealthCare Chaplaincy

Trevor Chenoweth ’12, NYC District Attorney’s Office

Amy Gu ’12, Uncommon Schools (Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Charter School)

Rebecca Perez Waite ’12, Montefiore Medical Center

Kelsey Pinson ’12, Children’s Aid Society

Kristen Liu ‘11, Uncommon Schools

And in Washington, DC:

Mihret Getabicha ’12, Sasha Bruce Youthwork, Inc.

Jennifer Koester ’12, Linden Resources

Catherine Miller ‘11, Partnership for Public Service


As of August 2012, the New York City branch of the new program was thriving. According to NYC Coordinator Karl Holtzschue ’59 and NYC Events Chair Nancy Woolf ’86, “our first group of DPCS post-grad fellows (Class of 2010) is off and running in the real world!”

  • Our two fellows placed at Montefiore are pursuing futures in the medical world:
    • Zoe Shtasel-Gottlieb is in her first year at Harvard Medical School.
    • Lily Chesnut started Nursing School at NYU last month.
  • Alex Lloyd, our fellow at HealthCare Chaplaincy, is in his first year at Mt Sinai Medical School.
  • Rachel Gozman stayed at Children’s Aid for a year and a half and recently left to enter Nursing School at NYU; she started last month with Lily.
  • Our two fellows from the DA’s office are continuing in law:
    • David Friedman is in his first year at Columbia Law School
    • Chelsey Luger, who was hired for a 2-year commitment in the sex crimes unit, will finish her second year in June and remain at the DA’s Office.
  • Delia Gorman loved her fellowship at Big Brother Big Sister and accepted a full-time offer from them to be a Manager for one of their programs.
  • Jake Routhier finished his year and Uncommon Schools unsure of what he wanted to do next. He took the summer off to travel cross-country, and then did some tutoring work and temp work (for Uncommon Schools!) before he found a job that he felt better used his skills. He started work a few weeks ago at a marketing consulting firm in Manhattan.

Now for the Class of 2011:

  • Stephanie Acosta left her fellowship at Partnership for Inner-City Education at the end of December. She now had a job in marketing for Success Academy Charter Schools, where she is very happy and feels valued and respected.
  • Hunter Cox completed his fellowship at the NY County District Attorney’s Office and will be attending Michigan Law School in the fall.
  • Joyce Njorge, who loved her followship year at Montefiore Medical Center, also becoming a certified Zumba instructor, will be attending Case Westen Medical School in the fall.
  • Anya Perret completed her fellowship at the Children’s Aid Society and will now be working for Teach for America.
  • Jane Robinson, currently at HealthCare Chaplaincy, is looking to find a job with the UN or in some sort of Human Rights non-profit working with people seeking asylum/rescue.
  • Kristin Liu has decided to stay at Uncommon Schools for another year!

We believe the DPCS post-grad fellowship program is living up to its mission of making the community service/non-profit world a desirable place for Dartmouth graduates to find careers. These fellows have all been passionate and looking for ways and places to make a difference. Some of their reflections, below, give a sense of the value that the fellowships are imparting to those who participate:

“The DPCS Post-Graduate Fellowship Program provided me with the unique opportunity to step into a more intense role within a nonprofit organization, taking on greater responsibility than would typically be available to the average individual with a B.A. and minimal work experience. In general, I have learned to be flexible and adapt to the dynamic and ever-shifting nature of nonprofit work. More particularly within my organization’s field of work, I have come to understand how complex the care needs are for the chronically ill in this country, and how these needs extend beyond the medical.” – Jane Robinson ’11 (HealthCare Chaplaincy)

“This past year has been an amazing professional development opportunity. My organization has given me so much responsibility, allowed me to really be a part of the work and decision-making, and I have grown and gained skills that I know I will use throughout my career. Devoting this past year to public service has truly been one of the best choices I have ever made.” – Catherine Miller ’11 (Partnership for Public Service)

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that DPCS provided for me. The program is always trying to think of ways to bring DPCS fellows, Dartmouth alumni and current students together. I love getting together with the other fellows to talk about life in the non-profit world or just even living in New York City. My mentor has been so helpful throughout the first year process as well and I’m so glad that I have someone in my field to help me through the first year.” — Kristin Liu ’11 (Uncommon Schools)

More information for prospective fellows, including an application, is available through the Tucker Foundation or in this brochure. Community Service Organizations (CSOs) interested in having a Dartmouth graduate work for them can also contact Tucker here.

If you are a Dartmouth alumni looking to volunteer as a mentor or get involved in other ways, please visit the DPCS Alumni page or consult this overview with contact information.