Letter from Katherine Schiavoni ‘09 to Doug Wise ‘59, DPCS mentor and co-founder

January 30, 2008

Dear Doug,

Thank you very much for your support and guidance throughout my DPCS internship this Fall. It was great to have someone with whom to discuss my ideas and share my struggles and victories. My internship was a really wonderful experience. I learned the value of working on the behalf of others, and I felt I also grew a great deal as a person.

When I was discussing my future plans with you, I remember you said that as I am teaching young girls to resist peer pressure, I should do the same in finding a path to take in the future. I think you were definitely right, and with the confidence I have gained this Fall, I am keeping an open mind for options that are right for me as an individual while truly learning how to learn at Dartmouth.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm, generosity, and listening ear. It was a privilege to have you as a mentor.

Be well and stay in touch.

Katherine Schiavoni ‘09