DC postgraduate programs kick into high gear

Washington, DC-are DPCS postgraduate program coordinator Adam Tapley ‘03 checks in with a report on the impressive activities of the DC postgraduate programs:

Our two fellows this cycle in the DC are: Dana Daugherty ‘10 at YouthBuild charter school, and Lucy (Louisa) Pollard ‘10 at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL). Dana is matched with Meg Sommerfeld ‘90, while Lucy is being mentored by Da’aga Hill Bowman ‘79 — both former presidents of the Dartmouth Club of Washington DC.

Dana and Lucy are both doing well and hard at work at their schools. YouthBuild’s unique model helps students transform their communities by building housing for homeless or low-income families as they learn the construction trade, and they transform themselves as they prepare to earn their GED. Dana is teaching both job development skills as well as ESL classes at the school that’s more than half Spanish speaking. (Dana is bilingual.)

I met with the principal of YouthBuild a week ago. She said they were so pleased with Dana they want to try to keep her on, as well as take “at least 2 fellows this coming fall.”

Lucy is working hard at SEGL, a selective, semester-long residential program in DC for motivated high school juniors from around the country. The program selects 32 students to participate in a unique curriculum that emphasizes ethical thinking, leadership development, and international affairs. Lucy help manage students as well as develop programs and participate in teaching.

Lucy told me in a recent update: “Things at SEGL are great. The job is challenging. I work long hours but I also have a lot of responsibilities and enjoy my work.”

The Dartmouth program in DC has partnered with the Princeton, Harvard and Washington & Lee programs to join them in their ongoing monthly educational seminars for fellows. Last month fellows attended the seminar “Career Exploration 101,” which was facilitated by Katie McNerney, President of LeaderFit, a recruiting firm specializing in the nonprofit sector. (Pictures attached - Dana in green, right side of photos.)

Dana Daugherty ‘10

This week fellows will be attending the seminar “Options in Your 20s,” which will have a number of young professionals who have built impressive, diverse careers to speak about how they have navigated their professional path through their twenties, with a focus on their decisions around graduate school. We’re distributing copies of the book Good to Great and the Social Sectors, by Jim Collins, at the seminar.

More soon, including a potential mentoring/tutoring partnership between the Dartmouth Club of Washington DC and YouthBuild.