Welcome Dartmouth Alum!

Are you looking for:

  • A way to give back?
  • A way to help Dartmouth provide new meaning to the “Dartmouth Experience”?
  • A way to share and bond with today’s undergraduates?

If you are, become part of Dartmouth Partners in Community Service (DPCS).

You can become involved in a variety of ways

  • Get your class to make DPCS their class project;
  • Recommend a host Community Service Organization;
  • Volunteer to help DPCS on your own . . .
    • Be a mentor
    • Be a member of the Alumni Board
    • Give a donation
    • Tell another alum or class about DPCS

More information?

Please be sure to check out our newsletter… or our blog. You can also contact us at 603 646 3419 or DPCS@dartmouth.edu.

Says a recent intern: “DPCS did an excellent job with mentor pairing. We email regularly and I have met up with her. We have agreed to stay in touch after my internship ends, and she has already given me a lot of good contacts for medical school advice in addition to helping me out herself.”

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DPCS Video

DPCS is one of the jewels
of the Tucker Foundation,
building powerful connections
between current students
and Dartmouth graduates,
and opening vital
opportunities for learning
and service for our students.

Jim Wright, President Emeritus
Dartmouth College
March 15, 2005

For Students and Community Service Organizations, please visit the Tucker Foundation