Table 29-2. Glasgow Coma Score

The GCS produces score between 3 and 15 (3 being the worst, and 15 the best). There are 3 elements based on the BEST response in three domains: eye opening, verbal response and motor response (it is best to record the score for each domain rather than only one global score)

  1. Best Eye Opening. (4)
    1. No eye opening.
    2. Eye opening only to pain.
    3. Eye opening to verbal command.
    4. Eyes open spontaneously.
  2. Best Verbal Response. (5)
    1. No verbal response.
    2. Incomprehensible sounds.
    3. Inappropriate words.
    4. Confused speech.
    5. Orientated and normally responsive.
  3. Best Motor Response. (6)
    1. No motor response.
    2. Extension to pain (decerebrate posture).
    3. Flexion to pain (decorticate posture).
    4. Withdrawal from pain.
    5. Localising pain.
    6. Follows Commands.
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