Type of dysphasia Spontaneous speech Compre- hension Repetition Naming Associated signs
Sensory Fluent Variable (signs of
severe Echolalic Poor Good Poor "watershead" infarct);
mild-anomia Circumlocution Good Good Poor may have Gerstmann's syndrome
Motor Nonfluent except when repeating Good Good Can be good May have right hemiparesis
Mixed Nonfluent Poor Good Poor Signs of "watershead"
sensorimotor lesion (weakness in
"isolation of proximal upper limb
speech area" etc.)
Wernicke's Fluent, paraphasic Poor Poor Poor May be normal; may be visual field defect or coprtical sensory loss; may have hemiparesis.
Broca's Nonfluent Good Poor (but can be better than spontaneous speech) Poor Right hemiparesis
Conduction Fluent, paraphasic Good Poor Poor Variable; often cortical sensory loss or lost pain sensation on right side
Global Nonfluent Poor Poor Poor Right hemiparesis
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