This book is not comprehensive in scope. It is meant to be a preliminary clinical neurology text for medical students. It is the compilation of eight years experience teaching introductory neurology to second-year medical students at Dartmouth. General references to further reading are given at the end of each chapter and it is assumed that, as at Dartmouth, faculty will supplement the students' reading with current journal and textual materials when appropriate. A basic course in neural sciences has been a prerequisite and neuropathology and physical diagnosis are taught in parallel. A clerkship on the neurology wards has traditionally followed.

There are two basic divisions in the text. The first six chapters constitute an introduction to neurologic diagnostic concepts. An attempt is made to introduce a basis for the neurologic evaluation and, to a lesser degree, the methods. These can be taught in parallel or subsequently in physical diagnosis courses. The remaining fourteen chapters deal with selected aspects of neurologic symptoms and disease. Well-defined principles are introduced, but there are frequent speculative constructs in neurologic pathophysiology that, it is hoped, will stimulate discussion and further reading.

We are indebted to many people who have assisted in the production of this work: to our neurology residents and colleagues and many generations of medical students who have given incalculable and critical input during evolution of the text and neurology teaching at Dartmouth; to Joan Clifford and Judy Murphy for their secretarial and copyreading expertise; to the Sandoz Foundation and Dr. Craig Burrell for their timely support and advice during the preparation of the manuscript; to Drs. Louis Caplan and Laurence Levitt for their critical and constructive review of the manuscript; and, finally, to Fred Rogers and Edward Quigley and the staff at Year Book for their editorial assistance and patient encouragement.


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