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A&S Staff Recruitment

All staff position postings, including temporary positions, are expedited through the Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR) web-based system. To facilitate this process, please review the A&S Recruitment Process and submit the appropriate Recruitment Form to the Arts and Sciences Finance Center.

Staff Hiring Steps

Step 1

Complete the A&S Position Recruitment Form to begin the recruitment/posting/hiring process and request DORR (Dartmouth On-Line Recruit and Review is system for posting a position and accepting applications) guest access.

E-mail the completed Recruitment Form and most recent position description (if available) to:

Step 2

ASFC will enter the position details into DORR for review by the DOF Fiscal Officer and then Human Resources (HR).  HR will notify the ASFC when position has been approved for recruitment.

Step 3

The ASFC posts the position online at Dartmouth Employment Opportunities, and notifies the hiring supervisor that the posting is live.  If guest access to DORR is necessary, ASFC will provide guest with log-in information.

Step 4

After reviewing applicants, contact Rian Murray (Assistant to the Director of DOF Operations and ASFC) to obtain an applicant listing of candidates for use in the interview process.

Step 5

Select and contact applicants to coordinate interviews. 

Step 6

Select the candidate you wish to hire and contact three professional references (see reference check guidelines):

Step 7

Notify Rian Murray with

    • name of final candidate
    • request to close the position (no new applicants)
    • status of other candidates (see Step 7b)
    • request for candidate names and addresses (and, if needed, rejection letter templates) for mailing update to applicants not selected as hire

Step 7b

Update Rian Murray on the outcome status of each candidate.

List of final applicant outcome options:

    • Applied in error/incomplete application materials
    • Ineligible (external or non-union)
    • Did not meet minimum qualifications
    • Not interviewed – withdrew
    • Not interviewed – less qualified/experienced
    • Interviewed – withdrew
    • Interviewed – less qualified/experienced
    • Interviewed – not selected, reference/background check
    • Interviewed – offer declined
    • Hire

Step 8

Send an email to Kate Soule (Director of A&S Finance & Research Administration) with confirmation that the reference check is complete (at least three professional references) to begin the salary setting stage for the hire.  Please also indicate if you have a preferred salary range.  Do NOT make an official offer until you receive notification from a fiscal officer regarding salary setting and background verification.  A fiscal officer will respond with an official hiring range for making an offer to the candidate (may take up to 3 days). 

Background Verification is a requirement of all staff hires, including temporary positions.  Effective August 1, 2012, all background checks other than employment reference checks will be handled by the Office of Human Resources through a third-party vendor. The additional background checks include verification of employment history, a criminal background check, sex and violent offender history check, and verification of educational credentials. Background checks may also include verification of licenses or certifications (if required by the position) and credit history check (if the position has access to credit or funds of $50,000 or more at any given time).  For additional questions on Dartmouth's background check policy, please see

An offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check. Generally, employment in the position should not begin until Dartmouth has received and reviewed the results of the background checks. Exceptions may be made at the hiring department's request with the approval of the Office of Human Resources.  If you have a business need to have the candidate begin employment prior to the completion of the background check (example, a temporary hire or other regular hire that could move forward prior to the background check), please contact your fiscal officer for approval.  The employee may be hired prior to the completion of the background check, with consent by the employee and continued employment contingent upon the outcome of the background check.

Step 9

Kate Soule notifies you of salary range.  You may now extend Offer to Candidate and express to them their employment is contingent on the satisfactory outcome of their background check. 

Step 10

After Candidate has accepted, submit a payroll authorization request by providing the following information for your Staff Hire to

    • Action (New Hire, Re-Hire, Transfer, Revise Pay Rate, Additional Pay, or Special Rate):
    • Last Name:        
    • First Name:
    • Middle Initial:
    • People Group (Non-Exempt or Exempt):
    • Employment Status (Regular or Temporary):
    • Dartmouth ID (if available):
    • Begin Date:
    • End Date:
    • Rate of Pay (hourly amount):  $
    • Number of Hours Per Week:
    • Number of Months (if Term or Temp):
    • Chart String (list GL or PTAEO):  
    • Position Title:
    • Position Number:
    • Building Location:
    • Hinman Box #:
    • Room #:
    • Home Legal Residence, cannot be a PO Box:
    • Home Legal Mailing, can be a PO Box:
    • Telephone #:
    • Department Contact Name: 
    • Department Contact Phone Number:
    • Kronos Supervisor(s):
    • Department Comments:

If your employee is a New Hire, please contact the ASFC by phone at (603) 646-2028 to provide the Social Security Number and Date of Birth of your New Hire.

Access to finance systems (IRA, e-procurement, p-card, etc), requires these steps:

Step 11

HR provides the hire information letter (based upon data in #11).

Staff Hiring Questions

If you have questions, please contact the ASFC by phone, (603) 646-2028, or by e-mail, The ASFC would be happy to guide you during this process.

Recruitment Forms

A&S Position Recruitment Form

Last Updated: 1/12/16