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Guidelines for Arts & Sciences Faculty Research And Professional Development Fund (FR/PDF)

Eligibility - Tenured faculty within Arts and Sciences are eligible except: (1) Instructors; (2) Faculty with active Burke Awards or start-up accounts; (3) Faculty holding endowed professorships (also referred to as "Named Chairs"). Instructors will continue to have access to professional travel and dissertation completion support up to $800 during the period in which they hold that rank.

Allocations - All eligible faculty are entitled to an annual FR/PDF allocation of $3,000. Any unspent portion of the individual FR/PDF may be carried forward for use into the next fiscal year up to a maximum of $6,000 (for a maximum total of $9,000 in any given year). Faculty may not borrow against future FR/PDF allocations.

Guidelines - In utilizing the allocations provided by this fund, individual faculty must adhere to all Dartmouth policies and procedures and must meet all Internal Revenue Service stipulations regarding appropriate expenses and required documentation. All expenses must be reimbursed within the fiscal year in which they are incurred. As with other faculty research funds, the money provided in this fund may not be used for faculty compensation of any kind.  These funds may not be used for office furniture (home or office). 

These monies can be used to support several of the expenses associated with ongoing research and professional development activities. These include:

  • Student support for Dartmouth purposes.
  • Business related travel expenses, for example, to meetings of professional associations or for research activities; and business-related meals or hosted professional functions.
  • Supporting academics to visit Dartmouth to participate in research or educational activities.
  • Professional license or certification fees; and membership in and/or subscriptions to professional organizations and periodicals (lifetime membership requests require prior approval).
  • Books, journals and other scholarly materials.
  • Manuscript submission fees.
  • Specialized software, computer peripherals, and specialized databases and data collection costs.
  • Business-related postal or shipping charges (FedEx, UPS, USPS).
  • Capital equipment, research equipment, materials and supplies.


  • All items purchased are the property of the College.
  • Accounts may not be overspent.
  • Purchases made, and disposition of equipment and materials, are to be in accordance with all College procurement policies and procedures.
  • Faculty may pool their FR/PDF funds for a project or joint purpose.
  • There is no application process - faculty who are eligible (see above section on "Eligibility") will be granted the appropriate allocation for the fiscal year.
  • If there is any question about the propriety of paying an expense with these funds, the individual must seek approval from the appropriate fiscal officer.

Access to Funds -

The Arts and Sciences Finance Center (ASFC) will administer the program.  Submit all invoices, properly completed Business Expense Reimbursement Forms (BER), Request for Payment Forms (RFP), Miscellaneous Income Payment vouchers (MIPV) etc., to the ASFC for payment processing.  Faculty Funding Reports are available to faculty members who have active FRPDF accounts.  Information on enrolling can be obtained here.

Last Updated: 9/25/15