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Walter and Constance Burke Research Initiation Awards for Junior Faculty

Since 1986 an outside foundation has supported research initiation awards for newly hired Assistant Professors in the Arts & Sciences at Dartmouth College. Named in honor of a former College Trustee, Walter Burke, and his wife Constance Burke, these funds are meant to provide start-up support in all disciplines during the first six years of an appointment.

Eligibility - Tenure-track junior faculty in the rank of Assistant or Associate Professors.

Allocations - Burke Awards of $25,000 are provided to junior faculty members on the basis of a brief proposal describing research needs over the first six years of the initial appointment at Dartmouth. Each proposal will be accompanied by a commentary and recommendation from the Chair of the department or program, and the appropriate Associate Dean will take final action on the proposal. You should submit your proposal along with the application and budget form to your department chair who will forward it to the Dean of Faculty Office. Click here for an example Burke budget form.

Up to $12,500 of the Burke funds will be available during the first three years in rank as assistant professor. The additional $12,500 will be available following reappointment to that rank.

Guidelines - Individual awards may cover the cost of a computer package and may also include travel, data collection, library research, salary for a research assistant, books and access to original manuscripts, and laboratory equipment for scientists and social scientists as appropriate. Payments to individuals for services such as editing, researching, and indexing for publications are allowable, though not eligible as reimbursement. In these cases, invoices for these services are paid directly by Dartmouth as outlined in the Procure to Pay Guide. The funds cannot be used to pay faculty salaries either in the form of release time during the academic year or as extra salary in the free term, travel expenses of family members, or home/campus office printers and furniture.

Because the Burke Awards were created to help new faculty initiate their research, faculty also should seek to identify appropriate external funding sources. We expect each faculty member to submit at least one application for external support of research activities during the first three years of appointment unless, after consultation with the Dean of Faculty Office, no appropriate sources of funds can be identified. The Dean of Faculty Office and the Office of Sponsored Projects provide assistance in identification of funding sources and in preparation of applications. External funding can include travel awards, grants in aid, and fellowships to provide leave term salary. Applications for fellowships to support leave terms (i.e., release time from teaching) may be coordinated with the one-term sabbatical leave for which every Assistant Professor is eligible after nine terms of residence and reappointment to a second three year contract.

After six years you must report on your use of the Walter and Constance Burke Research Initiation grant and its contributions to your research program.

Access to Funds - The Arts and Sciences Finance Center (ASFC) will administer the award.  You are responsible for the account that will be set up in your name for your Burke Award. The account will be monitored centrally to ensure that you do not overspend the amount awarded to you.  Submit all invoices, properly completed Business Expense Reimbursement Forms (BER), Request for Payment Forms (RFP), Miscellaneous Income Payment vouchers (MIPV) etc., to the ASFC for payment processing.  Faculty Funding Reports are available to faculty members who have active Burke accounts.  Information on enrolling can be obtained here.

Last Updated: 1/19/16