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Several departments and services support Dartmouth College's emphasis on the teacher-scholar. For those Arts and Sciences faculty seeking financial support for their research, there are three areas to consider. Large grants with overhead costs, such as those sponsored by NSF or NIH, are administered through Office of Sponsored Projects. Their staff will assist you in all the stages of the preparation and filing process. Other projects, such as those requiring large purchases of equipment or outcomes-oriented conferences, may want to work with Foundation and Corporate Relations. If a faculty member is searching for funds to support personal research, (s)he should contact the Assistant Dean of the Faculty.


Dean of Faculty Research Grant Managers

Grant Manager


Contact Information

Suzanne Auerbach


Earth Sciences



011A Steele

HB 6182

P: 646-4023

F: 646-1682

Deborah D. Edwards


Psychological & Brain Sciences


Suite 124 Rm 5 Moore

HB 6027

P: 646-2657

F: 646-1419

Jean L. Blandin



Physics & Astronomy

018 Wilder

HB 6127

P: 646-6559

F: 646-1446

Mary D. Wood

Computer Science



Rockefeller Center

105 Sudikoff

HB 6211

P: 646-9954

F: 646-1672

Robyn M. Hadlock

Biological Sciences

Environmental Studies

417 Gilman

HB 6044

P: 646-1019

F: 646-3488

Laura S. McDaniel


Interdisciplinary Programs

Off-Campus Programs

304 Wentworth

HB 6045

P: 646-6519

F: 646-3488

Last Updated: 6/13/14