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Standing A&S Committees

Faculty Coordinating Committee

Dean Mastanduno; (Vice-Chair, Committee of Chairs), Pauls (Chair, Committee on Priorities), Magilligan (Chair, Committee on Organization and Policy), Calsbeek (Chair, Committee on Student Life), Beasley (Chair, Committee on Off-Campus Activities), Zitzewitz (Chair, Committee on the Faculty), Thomas (Chair, Committee on Instruction)

Committee on Priorities

Dean Mastanduno; Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer Mills; Provost Dever; Baldez, Gerzina, Herron, Hull, Parati, Pauls (Chair)

Advisory to the President

Dean Mastanduno; Cottingham, Hull, Nichols, Virginia, Washburn, Will

Organization and Policy

Dean Mastanduno; Coffey, Craig, Magilligan (Chair), Jayanti, Miller, Reyes, Sharlet, Thorstensen, Wilcox

Review Committee

Allen, Bonner, Hudson


Dean Mastanduno; Registrar Braz; Donahue, Director of Writing Program; Balkcom, D. Brooks, O'Malley, Rogers, Thomas (Chair), Trumbull

Admissions and Financial Aid

Deans Laskaris, Hazen; Presidential Appointee Zeiger; Duchaine, Kelly, Komska, Wu

Senior Fellowships

Assistant Deans Gomez, Funnell; A. Campbell (Chair), Dixon, Edmondson, Levin, Padilla, Rimberg

Off-Campus Activities

Dean Tyson; Associate Dean Higgins; Beasley (Chair), R. Irwin, Kulvicki, Orleck, Press, Sneddon


Presidential Appointees; BelBruno, Bolger, Coch, Coly, Ericson, Huntington, Lozano, Peterson, Shemanske, Venti, Williams

Graduate Fellowships

Scholarship Adviser Smolin; Bucci, Fleischer, Gomez (Chair), Graver, Kelley, Kritzman, Sharma, Viola, Zinman

Student Life

Interim Dean Ameer; Blader, Calsbeek (Chair), Gordon, Greenhill, Sackeyfio, Schweitzer

The Faculty

Dean Mastanduno; Associate Dean Strenta; S. Brooks, Hawley, Mack, Roskies, S. Taylor, Zitzewitz (Chair)

Last Updated: 9/4/14