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Standing A&S Committees

Faculty Coordinating Committee

Dean Mastanduno; Coffey (Vice-Chair, Committee of Chairs), Herron (Chair, Committee on Priorities), Barnett (Acting Chair, Committee on Organization and Policy), Schweitzer (Chair, Committee on Student Life), Press (Chair, Committee on Off-Campus Activities), S. Brooks (Chair, Committee on the Faculty), Balkcom (Chair, Committee on Instruction)

Committee on Priorities

Dean Mastanduno, Associate Dean Strenta, Executive Vice-President Mills, Chief Financial Officer Wagner; Provost Dever; Arts and Sciences Faculty Bonner, Cohen, Dade, Herron (Chair), Levey (15F), Lipson, Shookman, Stanford, Washburn

Advisory to the President

Dean Mastanduno; Arts and Sciences Faculty Carey, Cottingham, Gem√ľnden, A. Lawrence, Pavcnik,Virginia

Organization and Policy

Dean Mastanduno; Arts and Sciences Faculty Bailey-Kellogg, Barnett (Acting Chair 15F), Chaney, Craig, Domosh, Miller, Renshaw (15F,16W), Reyes, M. Taylor, Wilcox (Chair), Zitzewitz (15F)

Review Committee

Arts and Sciences Faculty Bonner, McClung, Warren


Dean Mastanduno; Registrar Braz; Director of Writing Program Donahue; Arts and Sciences Faculty Balkcom (Chair), D. Brooks, Clark, Franconi, Rogers, Wine; two undergraduate students

Admissions and Financial Aid

Interim Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Sunde, Associate Dean of the College for Student Academic Support Services, Director of Financial Aid Koff; Presidential Appointees Zeiger, Zitzewitz; Arts and Sciences Faculty Diamond (Chair), Duchaine, Ohnuma, Wu

Senior Fellowships

Assistant Deans Gomez (Dean of College representative), Funnell; Arts and Sciences Faculty Dixon, Edmondson (Chair), Lacy, A. Lawrence, Rimberg, Torresani

Off-Campus Activities

Dean Tyson (Dean of the College representative); Associate Dean Higgins; Arts and Sciences Faculty Ayres, Churba Kohn, Comin,del Pino, Press (Chair), Sonder; three undergraduate students


Arts and Sciences Faculty BelBruno, Bolger, Coch, Coly, Ericson, Lozano, Peterson, Raz, Shemanske, Shi, Venti, Williams

Graduate Fellowships

Scholarship Adviser Smolin; Arts and Sciences Faculty Ditchfield,Graver, Kelley, Kritzman, Sharma (Chair), Tse, Vasquez, Voigt, Zinman

Student Life

Dean Biron; Braz (Dean of Faculty representative); Office of the Dean of the College representatives; Arts and Sciences Faculty Gordon, Greenhill, Horton, Sackeyfio, Schweitzer (Chair), D.G.Webster; two undergraduate students

The Faculty

Dean Mastanduno; Associate Dean Strenta; S. Brooks (Chair), Greenberg, Guerinot, Mack, Roskies

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