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Committee of Chairs of the Arts and Sciences Faculty

Ex Officio Members

Dean Mastanduno (Chair); President Hanlon, Interim Dean of the College Ameer, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer Mills, Registrar Braz, Magilligan (Chair, Committee on Organization and Policy), Pauls (Chair, Committee on Priorities)

Chairs Of Departments and Programs

Listed individually below as the members of the Divisional Councils.

Divisional Councils of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Humanities: Dean Randolph; Coffey (Art History), Dorsey (Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures), Stewart (Classics), McKee (English), Desjardins (Film and Television Studies), Tarnowski (French and Italian), Shookman (German), Swayne (Music), Brison (Philosophy), Balmer (Religion), Kopper (Russian), Bueno (Spanish and Portuguese), Park (Studio Art), Kotlowitz (Theater)

Sciences: Dean Kotz; Smith (Biological Sciences), Mierke (Chemistry), Cormen (Computer Science), Dade (Earth Sciences), Schulson (Engineering Sciences), Williams (Mathematics), LaBelle (Physics and Astronomy)

Social Sciences: Dean Marion; Craig (Anthropology), Sacerdote (Economics), Wolford (Education), Freidberg (Geography), Carey (Government), Bonner (History), Hull (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Lively (Sociology)

Interdisciplinary Programs: Dean Higgins; Gerzina (African and African-American Studies), Smolin (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), Washburn (Comparative Literature), Howarth (Environmental Studies), Benor (Jewish Studies), Baldez (Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies), Pease (Liberal Studies), Peterson (Linguistics and Cognitive Science), Herron (Mathematics and Social Sciences), Duthu (Native American Studies), Allen (Women's and Gender Studies), Donahue (Writing)

Last Updated: 2/12/15