Oak Hill

During the 1930s trails were cleared on Oak Hill for downhill skiing and a tow rope was added in 1935. Oak Hill continued to be Dartmouth’s primary alpine slope until the Dartmouth Skiway was established ten miles north in the mid-’50s. Cross country trails were added in the ’60s and track-setting began in 1984. Oak Hill has also been the home of numerous other interests, including ski jumping, fire rescue, and shooting ranges.

Oak Hill is located in the north-east corner of Hanover. To get there, go north on Route 10 past the Golf Course, turn right at the Co-op Community Market, then take a sharp left after the road turns to dirt — park in the first clearing on the right.

Cross Country Skiing

Season Trail Pass Before
General $100 $130
Organized Groups $90 $117
DOC Members $70 $90
Age 65+ $90 $117
Dartmouth Employee $90 $117
Dartmouth Students $65 $90
Family/Household Max. $200 $235
Day Trail Pass
Single Day $12

Dartmouth College hosted the NCAA Championships in 2003 and major trail improvements were made in preparation, resulting in an excellent system of trails. The focus of the trail system is the Silver Fox Trail, a 13.5 km trail set regularly with skating and diagonal tracks. This trail receives top priority for grooming. Please obey one way and do not enter signs as posted (the Silver Fox Trail is intended to be skied clockwise). The trail has sections rated easy, moderate, and difficult.

Other trails will be kept clear but may not be groomed at all times. These trails are not signed for a particular direction so all users should be aware of oncoming skiers. All intersections are marked with a numbered signpost and there are you are here maps at various locations to provide assistance. Red arrows on signs indicate the Silver Fox Trail.

The Oak Hill Ticket Booth and Warming Hut is located in the main Oak Hill parking lot and is open 8 am to 4 pm on weekends. Day passes, snacks and drinks, toilet, and information are available here.

Trails are open 7:30 am to 5:00 pm daily. Trails on Oak Hill are not patrolled, nor is there an end-of-day sweep. All skiers ski at their own risk.

Contact us

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (DOC House) and 11 am to 5 pm (Oak Hill), Tuesday - Friday — 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday (both locations) — Closed Monday
Hours may depend on snow conditions so please call ahead: (603) 643-6534 (DOC House) or (603) 643-7426 (Oak Hill).

Foot traffic can significantly damage the groomed tracks, so we ask that people walking or snowshoeing stay off the tracks. No dogs are allowed within twenty-five feet of groomed trails — no exceptions!

Trail Passes

trail map previewDownload a trail map (PDF, 2.1 MB).

Trail passes are required to ski on groomed trails on Oak Hill, Garipay Field, and on the Golf Course. Passes will be checked by volunteer monitors

During the skiing season, season trail passes may be purchased at the Dartmouth Cross Country Ski Center on Occom Pond. Passes may also be purchased before the season begins at Dartmouth Outdoor Rentals in Robinson Hall. Day passes may also be purchased during the season at the Oak Hill Ticket Booth.

Mountain Biking

Although the trails on Oak Hill are primarily designed and intended for cross country skiing, during the dry summer months they make great mountain biking trails, especially for beginners. See our Oak Hill mountain biking section for more info.


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