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Types of Trips

Cabin Camping

Cabin Camping Trips are an opportunity to enjoy sleeping in and relaxing in the beautiful DOC cabins. You will carry a pack or duffel bag while hiking to your cabin in the woods. Day hikes are optional, and you can participate in the wilderness experience regardless of your level of outdoor experience. Packing List


Canoeing Trips go on gorgeous, flat-water rivers led by experienced leaders. Canoes, life jackets, and paddles will be provided. You will be expected to bring their own packs/duffel bags. Waterproof equipment is desirable. Please bring NON-COTTON clothing for this trip. You will be required to take a swim test upon your arrival in Hanover. Packing List

Climb & Hike

Climb & Hike Trips involve both rugged hiking and introductory climbing (no prior experience is needed). The first day of this trip involves a strenuous 7-mile hike up to a campsite where you will stay in a shelter or under tarps. You will spend the second day learning to climb. This trip is ideal for experienced hikers who wish to be introduced to the world of rock climbing. Packing List

Community Service

Community Service Trips will spend the entire first day hiking to reach their camping destination near the Glencliff Home for the Elderly. On the second day, this trip will visit the Glencliff Home, be introduced to the home by their staff, and help run activities & events with residents for part of the day. The hiking for this trip can be moderately strenuous. Packing List


Fishing Trips take place in the Dartmouth College Grant, a wilderness area in northern New Hampshire. Fishing trip leaders are specially trained to attract fish with their charming personalities but occasionally the fish remain uncooperative. Luckily, the Grant does provide ample opportunity for hiking and nature study in addition to fishing. We encourage you to bring your own fishing gear (but some is available too!), and required to purchase a short-term state fishing license. Given the trips proximity to water, you may want to take your swim test while in Hanover. Packing List

Hike and Yoga

Hike and Yoga Trips will explore nature, focusing on aligning the body and soul with natural surroundings. You will hike with a pack into a spectacular student-built cabin and along with daily hikes will have time to explore nature and yoga. Both seasoned yoga experts and those who are simply interested are welcome. Packing List

Hiking 1 - Least Strenuous

Hiking 1: Least Strenuous - If you interested in hiking small stretches of trail in beautiful, less rugged, less mountainous regions of New Hampshire, this may be the trip for you. You will be hiking on the DOC trail system with beautiful views and staying in shelters or cabins. You can expect to hike five miles or more per day. Elevation gain: 0 to 1500 feet. Packing List

Hiking 2 - Moderate

Hiking 2 - Moderate: This category of trips will not involve as much climbing as hiking 3 and 4. The peaks are not as high; you should be prepared to hike five to ten miles a day over moderately difficult terrain. These are great trips for those who are willing to accept a challenge, but in moderation. You will stay in shelters or under tarps. Elevation gain: 500 to 2500 feet. Packing List

Hiking 3 - Harder

Hiking 3 - Harder: Trips of this difficulty will involve 2,000 to 5,000 foot elevation gains. Much of the hiking will be above treeline involving distances of up to ten miles. These trips are designed to provide similar views to those of the most difficult trips with a little less of the physical and mental challenge. Packing List

Hiking 4 - Most Strenuous

Hiking 4 - Most Strenuous: For experienced hikers only. Trips of this level of difficulty involve some of the most rugged hiking conditions in the East. Most of the peaks you will climb will be above treeline and must be reached by steep ascents. Distances average ten miles a day. You will spend the night in shelters or under tarps supplied by the DOC. These are tough trips but the spectacular scenery makes them well worth the effort. Packing List

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Trips are set at our beautiful riding facilities at the 180-acre Dartmouth Riding Center at The Morton Farm. Intended for riders with some experience, riding trips feature riding in the outdoor or indoor arenas and a chance to enjoy all aspects of English riding. Horseback riders will camp on a portion of the farm property and rise early to tend and tack the horses. Sturdy boots are a must for this trip, but all other riding equipment (including horses) will be provided. Packing List

Kayaking Flatwater

Flatwater Kayaking Trips provide a time to enjoy paddling kayaks along the tranquil Connecticut River. You will get to see the scenic Upper Valley, and learn basic kayaking skills. We provide all kayaking equipment, but please bring warm, NON-COTTON clothing. You will be required to pass a swim test upon your arrival in Hanover. Packing List

Kayaking Whitewater

Whitewater Kayaking Trips begin with basic instruction on kayaking, including strokes, rolling and basic boat movement. Afterwards, participants will practice on real (small) rapids. No kayaking experience is necessary or expected, but you must be a strong swimmer. We provide all kayaking equipment, but you should bring warm NON-COTTON clothes and long underwear that you don't mind getting wet. Kayakers will be required to pass a swim test upon their arrival in Hanover. Packing List

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Trips will explore mountain biking trails near Hanover. This trip has opportunities for lots of beginner mountain biking. No bike is required, but you are welcome to bring one if you’d prefer. This trip is intended for those comfortable on a bike, but are beginner mountain bikers. Mountain biking is rated as a 'moderate' difficulty trip, as there is some uphill pedaling. Packing List

Nature Exploration

Nature Exploration Trips provide an incredible opportunity to explore New England's landscape by taking exploratory walks in the woods. Guest leaders will share their knowledge of the ecology of the area and who share their knowledge of local history, and native flora and fauna. This trip stays in a DOC cabin. Packing List

Nature Photography

Nature Photography Trips require bringing yor own camera (any kind will do!) and provide a great opportunity for those interested in photography to explore and photograph New Hampshire's White Mountains. You will stay in a cabin, and you will take short, moderate day hikes. Great for people without a lot of hiking experience Packing List

Nature Writing and Art

Nature Writing and Art Trips are an opportunity to enjoy beauty of the wilderness while exploring art and writing. You'll stay in one of the DOC cabins, explore your surroundings on short hikes, and be able to use your surroundings as inspiration for expression and creation. You can write, paint, share, and discuss as much or as little as you want. Packing List

Organic Farming

Organic Farming Trips take place either at our very own Dartmouth Organic Farm or Luna Bleu Farm (owned by Dartmouth alumni!) in Vermont. You will learn the basics of organic farming while helping out with chores and various projects. Organic farmers are guaranteed to have a good time and eat like royalty. Organic Farmers at the Dartmouth Organic Farm have the option to swim during their trip, so students should take the swim test if they’d like to swim while at the farm. Packing List

Ropes Course

Ropes Course Trips involve some easy hiking and a guided session on a high & low ropes course. There is a leisurely hike from campus and you will stay outdoors in a shelter. There will be ample time to explore the nearby trails & pond as well. Students should be comfortable with heights up to 40 feet. This trip is great for anyone, regardless of your outdoor experience. Packing List


Trailwork Trips are based on the portion of the Appalachian Trail that Dartmouth Outing Club maintains. In addition to hiking, your group will repair trails with all sorts of tools. We teach you everything you need to know to appreciate trailwork. These trips provide an excellent introduction to some of the caretaking that is done by the DOC. Packing List · Copyright 1996-2014 Dartmouth College · XHTML · CSS · Links

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