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About the Trips

“When my class saw me sitting on the slope overlooking the leech field, carving a pumpkin, hanging out, they wanted to connect with me. Multiple people remembered my name and spoke with me about it afterwards. I, in my activity, defined a new "I am" as part of the group: I am an artist, a looker, and I like to just lounge around.” —Juan Sanchez ’13

DOC Trips are an adventure all over New Hampshire. There are mountains to camp on and hike over, cliffs to climb, fish to catch, rivers to swim in or paddle on, vegetables to harvest and much more. Don't worry if you don't have any outdoors experience; there are trips of all different difficulties, some with sustained physical activity, and some with lots of time to relax and everything in between. Check out all our different types of Trips and a sketch of what your five days in the outdoors will look like. You'll be signing up for a trip type (activity you'll be doing), and we will let you know your assignment that lets you know exactly where you will be going after we process registrations. In the meantime, check out our Blog, find us on Facebook, or follow us onTwitter to learn more about the program, check out photos, and ask any questions you might have!'

A Typical Trip

An overview of a typical five-day trip.

Trip Types

All the different kinds of trips we offer.

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