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Leader assignments for DOC First-Year Trips 2014 are posted! Login to see your trip.


Leader applications are closed for Trips 2014. Applications for Trips 2015 will become available March 6, 2015.

What is a Trip Leader?

Being a Trip Leader can be a very rewarding & fun experience if you are interested in welcoming the newest students to Dartmouth. First and foremost, a Trip Leader is an ambassador for 6-10 first-year, international, exchange, and transfer students. Leaders help first-year students feel comfortable and welcome in this new environment and are a resource for them, both on the trip and throughout the school year. Trip Leaders are really important as they are many Trippees’ first impression of the College community.

What Does a Trip Leader Do?

Trip Leaders are responsible for making Trips work. They are the individuals entrusted with making sure that the trip itself is both fun and safe. They are the ones who know the route, basic wilderness survival skills, risk assessment, and are responsible for building community (we will train you for all of these!)

What Makes a Great Trip Leader?

Despite common myths, Trip Leaders are NOT chosen only for their outdoor experience. In fact, many of the best Trip Leaders have had little to no experience in the outdoors. Trip Leader applications are evaluated based on a variety of skills (desire to connect with others, experience in the outdoors, medical certifications, interest in building community, etc.), and enthusiasm to welcome incoming students. A good trip leader has their individual strengths and their weaknesses and need not have all the aforementioned qualities to be selected.

Under the direction of the TLTs, a team of former trip leaders evaluates the applications. Applications are graded BLIND, which means that the name of the person, year, hometown, gender, contact information, major, identity, physical/cognitive limitations, dietary restrictions, and campus activities will not be available for the readers to see. This is done to ensure that each applicant is given equal opportunity without the bias of any readers who may know the applicant.

Other Requirements

Any current student is welcome to apply to be a trip leader or croo member. No prior Trips experience (or outdoors experience) is necessary — our comprehensive training will give you the skills you need for either role.

Active Status and Academic Standing

You must be an enrolled student to lead a DOC Trip (i.e. not withdrawn from the College for any reason). If you are graduating this spring, you may apply to lead a trip only if you will be living in Hanover during the fall term (so that you can maintain a connection with your trippees). However, students who are on a leave/off-term this fall are eligible to apply; we will pair you with a co-leader who will be in Hanover this fall.

In addition, you must be in good academic and conduct standing. In general, this means that you cannot be on academic probation or suspension at the time when DOC Trips begins, and you cannot have a disciplinary record that includes College discipline or higher. Records will be reviewed by the Deans Office to confirm that you are in good standing.

First Aid and CPR Certified

To be a DOC Trips Leader you must be First Aid and CPR certified. You don’t have to have a current certification to apply, but you must be certified before your trip begins. If you currently hold certification which will expire before your trip ends, you must get it renewed. The Trips program offers First Aid & CPR courses in the spring & summer terms (check the leader calendar for dates).

Leader Training

All leaders must also attend DOC First-Year Trips Leader Training, consisting of a Risk Assessment session, a Community Building session, a Wilderness Skills session and a relevant Outdoor Experience for hands-on skills and experience. See the calendar for dates the courses will be offered (dates for spring term training will be announced early in the spring term, and summer term training early in the summer term).

Leader Training Review

Leaders will attend a Leader Training Review the day before their trippees arrive. Leaders must meet behind Robinson at 3 pm sharp, where they will be taken to Gilman Island for the review. Please ensure your summer travel plans will allow you to be in Hanover by 3pm the day BEFORE your trip begins. · Copyright 1996-2014 Dartmouth College · XHTML · CSS · Links

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