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Info for Leaders

You know we love you, oh yes we do, oh Trip Leaders we love you so! If trippees are the HEART of Trips, you leaders are the SOUL. That's right; it’s your energy, enthusiasm, and leadership that make each and every first-year's trip amazing. And just because you all are so sweet, we’re stocking you with information. Navigate around and find out everything from how to apply, what the dates of Trips are this year, your Trip assignment, and extra info meant just for you!

P.S. Did we mention we love you Trip leaders?! You all just plain ROCK.

Leader News

Leader assignments for DOC First-Year Trips 2014 are posted! Login to see your trip.

Leader Home

Login to submit your application and get details on your trip assignment.

How to Apply

What do I need to be a leader? What makes a great leader? When are applications due? What else do I need to know? Find out!


When are trip leader training sessions? When is my trip & section? Here’s the schedule!

Being a Leader

What do I need to do as a leader? What will be expected of me? Who/what are the TLTs? Get it here!

Extra Info

How do I get PE credit for leader training? Where do I sign up for interim housing? Check it out! · Copyright 1996-2014 Dartmouth College · XHTML · CSS · Links

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