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Incoming Student Calendar 2014

Welcome Class of 2018! We're busy getting ready to welcome you to Dartmouth this fall. Check out this page in June 2014 for updated registration information!

Incoming Student News

  • Trip Assignments are posted! Click here to access your personalized information page!


First-Year Trips is divided into 10 sections, with staggered overlapping dates (section A starts on Monday, section B starts on Tuesday, etc.).

Each section is five days long:

  • Day 1: Incoming students arrive in Hanover and check-in in the afternoon (between 2pm and 4pm). After check-in, everyone plays games to get to know each other, then each trip enjoys a delicious dinner on-campus. You will spend the night in Hanover, but not in your residence hall.
  • Day 2: Trips head off on busses to their drop-off points and head off on their trips. Some trips stay in cabins, others camp outside.
  • Day 3: Trips spend a full day out in the wilderness and one more night out.
  • Day 4: Trips head out to their pick-up point and are bussed to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, Dartmouth’s home in the mountains. The whole section has dinner here, and spends their final night in cabins.
  • Day 5: Trips get bussed back to Hanover. Sections A, B, C, and D head back home for about week until the College's official move-in date. Sections E-J move into their residence halls after their trip and attend their Technology Set-Up & Services session the following morning.


Registration materials for DOC Trips will be distributed via e-mail in June. On the registration form, you will indicate your availability and activity preferences. We will notify you with your trip assignment and section (start date) in July.

In order to accommodate your preferences and interests, we strongly suggest that you please wait to make final travel plans until you receive your trip assignment in July.

Here are the dates of the 10 sections this year:

Section Leaders Arrive Incoming
Trip Returns to Hanover Notes
A August 23 August 24 August 28 [1]
B August 24 August 25 August 29 [1]
C August 25 August 26 August 30 [1]
D August 26 August 27 August 31 [1]
E August 28 August 29 September 2 [2]
F August 29 August 30 September 3 [2]
G August 30 August 31 September 4 [2]
H September 1 September 2 September 6 [2]
I September 2 September 3 September 7 [2]
J September 3 September 4 September 8 [2]

[1] Sections primarily for incoming students living in the northeast U.S. — most participants will return home after their trip, then return to campus for orientation.

[2] Sections for non-local incoming students — participants can leave their belongings in their dorm rooms and move in when their trip returns.

Other Pre-Orientation Programs

Students participating in other pre-orientation activities/programs are eligible and encouraged to participate in DOC Trips. Please contact us if you have any questions about both going on a DOC Trip and participating in another pre-orientation program.


Monday, September 2, is Labor Day, a national holiday in the U.S. — please plan extra time for traveling during Labor Day weekend: Friday, August 29 to Monday, September 1.

Residence Halls open to all First-Year students on Tuesday, September 9 (though sections E through J can move in when their trips get back to Hanover).

The College’s Orientation for new students begins on Tuesday, September 9.

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