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About the Program


DOC First-year Trips exist to give incoming students an exciting and unforgettable welcome to the Dartmouth community. Trips provides them with an introduction to the College's traditions and spirit, as well as a safe and positive outdoor experience through the Dartmouth Outing Club. Trips creates common ground for first-year students, a space to build lasting friendships and social support systems, and facilitates a connection to dedicated upperclassmen who act as role models and mentors at Dartmouth and beyond.

History and Structure

Trips started way back in 1935 when a bunch of upperclass DOC members invited a few first year students to go on a hike before classes started. Since then, the program has improved (and grown) dramatically. In the late ’80s, the DOC decided that Trips should be for all incoming students, even those without any outdoor experience, and last year 95% of the incoming class went on a Trip. Trips is the largest outdoor orientation program in the country! Every year, we work to make the Trips program a little better, and this year is no exception. We’ve come a long way in 77 years, and this year is your chance to experience it for yourself!

The primary goal of DOC Trips is to enable current students to welcome the incoming class to Dartmouth while providing them an introduction to their classmates and the outdoors. We provide Trips of many different levels from beginner to advanced and many different types from canoeing to yoga and hiking. Each trip consists of six to twelve new students and two student leaders. Trips all last for five days, starting in Hanover and ending at Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. DOC Trips are open to all interested students and therefore, the Trips program is staggered over ten sections, each arriving on its own day then heading out into the wilderness.

Trips have become a Dartmouth tradition for the Dartmouth community, an experience to look back on and celebrate. The program is also entirely student-run between over 270 trip leaders, 50 support crew members, and two student Directors. There are also 4 EMTs on call at all times during Trips to ensure the program runs smoothly and stays safe.

Please look through the other sections of our website for more information or email us at We look forward to seeing you on a DOC Trip and again, welcome to Dartmouth!

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