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Name Status Up-to-date? Subclub Certifications  
Peter Shellito '09 active DMC sport view edit delete
Umair Siddiqui '10 active Cabin and Trail leader view edit delete
Vanessa Sievers '10 inactive Bait and Bullet hunting view edit delete
Laura Bryn Sisson '13 active DMC toprope, DMC sport view edit delete
Erik Skarin '14 active view edit delete
Ethan Smith '20 active yes Cabin and Trail leader view edit delete
Marietta Smith '12 active Cabin and Trail leader view edit delete
Emma Smithayer active Cabin and Trail leader view edit delete
Grace Snow '09 active view edit delete
Kayla Snyderman '10 active view edit delete
Greg Sokol '10 active Ledyard WW kayak: Level 1, SWR certified view edit delete
Shepard Somers '19 active yes view edit delete
Ben Southworth active view edit delete
Randall Stacy active view edit delete
Becca Stebbins '11 active Cabin and Trail leader view edit delete
Jonah Sternthal '18 active DMC sport, Mountain Bike leader view edit delete
Taylor Stevenson '10 active Bait and Bullet shooting view edit delete
Simone Stone active view edit delete
Sam Streeter active view edit delete
Rebecca Strickfaden '10 active DMC toprope, DMC sport, AMGA single pitch view edit delete
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