Nanomaterials at Dartmouth


Nanomaterials research at Dartmouth includes nanomagnetics, nanomaterials applied to cancer research, the production of novel nanomaterials and nanostructures and sensor research.  There are two organizations, the Center for Nanomaterials Research and the Cancer Nanotechnology Working Group, although there is much overlap in the membership of these two centers.  These two links will provide details on current research projects across the faculties of science, engineering and medicine.


The Center for Nanomaterials offers an undergraduate minor and a Ph.D. track is offered through the Department of Chemistry.


Among other activities in materials, there is an annual symposium, a summer undergraduate research program funded through DoD ASSURE and a seminar series.  Graduate fellowships, funded by the Department of Education through its GAANN program, are available for studies leading to the Ph.D.



Document last updated on July 11, 2006