JAPAN x JAPAN is Dartmouth Japan Society's yearly event where Collis Student Center is decorated and various events are held to expose Dartmouth students to Japanese culture. 2003's event JAPAN x JAPAN 2003 was no exception.

The atrium was decorated with posters of popular Japanese icons and events. Posters made by DJS members about things like cellular phones and fashion were placed against the wall, along with timelines and displays.
The TV Lounge was decorated with shouji, Japanese rice paper windows, and tatami mats were set up. Televisions broadcasted tapes of Japanese television shows and there was also tea tasting.
DJS held omatsuri, or a festival, on Collis Porch. We set up traditional omatsuri games like Water Yo-Yo, goldfish catch, ring toss and omikuji (prize drawing), as well as had free shaved ice for people to eat. In the evening, we also made yakisoba and roasted corn for dinner.
In FUEL, during the afternoon DJS performed a play. In the evening, DJS held a Dance Dance Revolution tournament. Congratulations to Jessica Ovici '06, the winner of the tournament!