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Skit from Japanese 3, Spring 2006

<a href="japanese.mov">Play first clip</a> <a href="japanese.mov">Play second clip</a>
Pictures from the LSA 2006
Kaitlyn, Sir Jeffrey, and Hungyen hanging out Authentic Japanese Water
Rachel, Alejandro, Sir Jeffrey, and Casey Kaitlyn captures the essence of Disney World in Tokyo
Kaitlyn sings ...and everybody else sings
Profound origami Food of some sort
Not really sure what's going on here More to come

Pictures from the JAPANxJAPAN 2003
Pictures from the 2003 Annual LSA Dinner
Bryant, MengYang, Caroline and Cindy from the joint DJS/DCCS event. Cindy & Thomas
Ryan, Bryant, Thomas, Jeff, Marc, Ian and Kensei. Ryan, Jeff, Marc and Ian.
Reiko with people from Tuck Zack the meatball chef.
Ian, Tamaki and Michael Reiko hard at work cooking.
Yoko talking to people from Tuck. Cooks hard at work!
The DJS guys Natsuko talking with people from Tuck.
Dessert table! Marc, Tamaki and Yoko eating dessert.
Team Spatula, the winners of Iron Chef! Making cookies for our event with Tuck students.
Iron Chef! The staff of Iron Chef.
Tea Ceremony from Japan x Japan Displays at Collis for Japan x Japan
Our ex-Prez Mitch Yashiro'00 came up for green key! Aki, Masa, Reiko and Yuko
ISA Culture Night I2K DAO Culture Night 2000
DJS's Kyogen-kai performed "Kagyu" (Snail)! Here is a clip of our own version of "Kagyu"
DCS/DJS Mahjiang Night Janshi Masashi
Fall Harvesting-Satsumaimo!!! Senior send off party! We miss you Mark!
DAO/KASA Semi-Formal Spring '00 Aki Naito and our President Roy Ogura having fun at Semi-Formal
DAO Culture Night '99 Japanese people can dance!
Onsen (hot spring) trip'00 in Hakone, Japan!!