Other Reviews of Against the Tide:

"Against the Tide is an impressive intellectual achievement. . . a delightful as well as an educational read.  It should be a set text for anyone interested in trade policy." -- The Economist

"Douglas Irwin provides a superb examination, in readable but closely reasoned form, of the intellectual history and the analytical content of the various assaults on free trade over the years.  The bibliography alone is worth the price."  -- Richard Cooper, Foreign Affairs

"[Against the Tide] is encyclopedic in its scope, yet it is very well written and accessible to nonspecialists, fair to the critics of free trade while leaving now doubt that the author finds their arguments fatally flawed."  -- Bruce Bartlett, Wall Street Journal

". . a masterful tour de force that is required reading for anyone with an interest in the case that has been made for and against free trade."  -- Bernard Hoekman and Michel Kostecki, The Political Economy of the World Trading System, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2001, p. 44.