2013-2014 Schedule

All seminars will take place from 12:30-2:00pm and are open to all members of the Dartmouth community.

Fall 2013

September 20:  Magnus Thor Torfason (Harvard Business School) “Price is What You Pay: The Origins of Value for Bitcoin, a Decentralized Electronic Currency." 

October 11: Derek Ruths (McGill University) “Distinguishing and Estimating Mechanisms of Network Formation."

November 15:  Andrew Bernard (Dartmouth: Tuck School) “Geography, Technology and Production Networks."

December 13:  Robin Lumsdaine (American University) “The Complexity of Systemically Important Financial Institutions."

Winter 2014

January 10: Matthew Salganik (Princeton University) “Know Your Epidemic: Generalized Network Scale-up Method for Estimating the Sizes of the Groups Most At-Risk for HIV/AIDS."

February 14:  James O’Malley (Dartmouth: TDI) “Estimating Peer Effects in Longitudinal Dyadic Data using Instrumental Variables."

March 14: Nicholas Christakis (Yale University) “Social Network Interventions."

Spring 2014

April 11:  Janice McCabe (Dartmouth: Sociology), “What about Friends? How Network Structure and Content Matter for College Success."

May 9:  Alex Montgomery (Reed College), “Relationally Challenged: Put the Social Back into Network Analysis."