Past Events

Spring 2013

April 11, Paul Ingram (Columbia Business School) “The Gentlemen Slavers: Status, Structure and Social Movements for the Conduct of Dirty Business."

May 8, Donald P. Green (Columbia University) “Detecting Spillover Effects: Design and Analysis of Multilevel Experiments."

Winter 2013

Monday January 28, Andreas Moxnes (Dartmouth: Economics) and Andrew Barnard (Dartmouth: Tuck School) “Two-sided Heterogeneity and Trade."

Tuesday February 26, Yonatan Lupu (Princeton University) “The Network of States and International Relations."

Monday March 4, Brian Uzzi (Northwestern University) “Atypical Knowledge and Scientific Impact."

Fall 2012

Tuesday November 13, Adam Kleinbaum (Dartmouth: Tuck School) “Inside the Black Box of the Corporate Staff: Social Networks and the Implementation of Corporate Strategy."

Tuesday December 11, Scott Pauls (Dartmouth: Mathematics) “Social Support in Virtual Social Networks."

Spring 2012

April 24: Brian Greenhill (Dartmouth: Government) "Modeling States' Participation in Networks of Intergovernmental Organizations."

May 24: Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth: Government) "Connecting Campaigns: Consultant-Candidate Networks in American Congressional Elections."

Winter 2012

January 23: Adam M. Kleinbaum (Dartmouth: Tuck School) "Career Ladders and the Origins of Brokerage in Intraorganizational Networks."

March 1: Nick Foti (Dartmouth: Computer Science) "Link Prediction for Massive Networks with Latent Feature Relational Models."