Projects and Demonstration

The following is a list of some of the projects that will be presented during our Lightning Rounds and during the lunch time sessions.

  • The Dante Project, Steve Campbell
  • The Occom Circle Project, Prof. Ivy Schweitzer
  • The Media Ecology Project, Prof. Mark Williams
  • From Art to Artifact: Making Sense of Roman Coins, Prof. Roberta Stewart
  • Project Bamboo, Jaime Combariza
  • iMatsh, automatic remixing of audiovisual-media, Prof. Michael Casey and Dr. Ramona Behravan
  • Decomposing Autumn, component-wise recomposition, Prof. David Casal and Prof. Michael Casey
  • Break-beat, digital analysis of contemporary dance culture, Dr. Spencer Topel and Prof. Michael Casey
  • Digital Studies at Dartmouth, Prof. Aden Evens
  • Radically Re-imag[in]ing Writing: Digital Composing at Dartmouth’s Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, Christiane Donahue, Karen Gocsik and Sara Chaney
  • Scraping the Web, a project using Python web scraping to download, mirror, and re-format public-domain government data and images, Parker Phinney '12

Interested in presenting a project demonstration or poster? Contact Anthony Helm