Professional Life
During her career in phycology, the study of freshwater and marine algae, Hannah made many contributions to her field and received many honors. Hannah was an authority on algae and Desmids, specifically from arctic regions. She did field work throughout New England, Alaska, the Amazon Basin, England, and Scandinavia. Every summer she returned to Woods Hole, Massachusetts to teach a course on botany and to continue her research. To supplement her studies and her income, Hannah was a scientific illustrator, and a skilled scientific translator. Speaking Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and having a working knowledge of scientific Latin, the scientific community counted on Hannah. She wrote hundreds of Latin diagnoses and translated several technical books, as well as classifying species in Latin for many American botanists. Additionally, Hannah was a founding member of the Phycological Society of the Americas and became its 21st president. She belonged to the American Microscopical Society, the American Association for the advancement of Science, the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the New Hampshire Academy of Science, and the Dartmouth Scientific Association. The Finnish Societas pro Fauna et Flora, in 1968, awarded her membership for her contributions to science, and later she was given an honorary chair at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. at work in the field

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