Hannah Croasdale as an infant Hannah Thompson Croasdale, distinguished botanist, teacher, and humanitarian led an extraordinary but simple life. Hannah was born November 8, 1905; the second child of John P. Croasdale and Mary G. Croasdale, Quakers from Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Hannah had trouble walking as a youngster. Consequently, her mother chose to home school Hannah until age eleven, when she began private school. From the very start of her education, Hannah not only excelled academically but made it apparent that she loved to learn as well. The Croasdale family provided Hannah with excellent role models for a young woman interested in experiencing life. Her grandmother was one of the first female doctors in America, and Hannah's parents encouraged her to explore all her interests, not just those that traditionally fell in the women's sphere. The Croasdale's allowed Hannah to wear pants, romp around outdoors, learn carpentry, do yard work, and in general supported their daughter's intellectual growth.

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