Scanning Procedures

Microscopes slides were cleaned with water, dried, and then scanned on an Epson flatbed scanner.

We used the following settings:
Document Type: Reflective;
Document Source: Document Table;
Auto Exposure Type: Photo.
Image Type, we selected 24-bit color with 2400 dpi, and allowed the slides to dictate the document size.
We also selected an Unsharp Mask, but no color restoration, backlight removal, or dust removal were used.

After the files were scanned, the slides were cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

We wrote metadata for each slide set, and compiled the metadata for each slide series in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The large slide scan images were processed with a computer program called Zoomify, which created a array of tiles images for each slide. Individual slides can we viewed at a range of magnifications using the Zoomify viewer embedded in the slide webpage.