Michael R. Dietrich



Department of Biological Sciences

Dartmouth College

26 Life Sciences Center

Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-1389

Michael dot Dietrich at Dartmouth dot edu



Adjunct Professor

Center for Biology and Society

Arizona State University

History and Philosophy of Biology

Current Research

  • Richard Goldschmidt's Heresies
    I am currently completing a biography of Goldschmidt's bad reputation as a biologist that contrasts different representations of his life and work.

Survival of the Luckiest: Perspectives on Random Drift in Evolutionary Biology
I am co-authoring a book with Roberta Millstein and Robert Skipper that puts genetic drift into historical and philosophical perspective.

History and Philosophy of Molecular Evolution
I have projects underway concerning model building and method selection in molecular evolution, especially with the rise of both DNA sequences and computerization.

  • History of Embryology in the Twentieth Century
    I am currently researching the fate of embryologists who were forced to flee Germany. I am focusing on Hans Holtfreter's research on the mechanics of gastrulation and Viktor Hamburger's developmental genetics research on the creeper mutant.

Latest Projects

Pic 3Richard Goldschmidt
Pic 4Embryo Project
Pic 5Fly Tree

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