Dartmouth Formula Racing

The Team

The team, pictured at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.



Project Management: Alex Newman

Alex Newman joined the team his freshman year, during which he designed the bodywork and impact attenautor as a technical lead. His sophomore year, Alex oversaw a full chassis redesign as the team mechanical lead. For 2017-2018, he is the chassis project lead and team project management lead.

Team Management: Leina McDermott

Leina McDermott is from Kirkland, Washington and studies engineering at Thayer. She joined DFR at the end of her freshman year, helping to construct the bodywork. She is the suspension project lead and team management lead for 2017-2018.

Mechanical Oversight: Thomas Cornew

Thomas Cornew is a senior studying mechanical engineering. His interest in cars was sparked in high school when he completely restored a 1965 Ford Mustang. Being from California, Thomas loves longboarding almost as much as he loves driving. He is excited for the 2016-2017 Formula Hybrid season and finally having a chassis that he actually fits in comfortably. He is the drivetrain project lead and team mechanical lead for 2017-2018.

Electrical Oversight: Erik Loscalzo

Erik Loscalzo is known for getting just about anything to work using parts he finds laying around in Allyn Large Frame Lab, the team workshop. Erik is passionate about electrical engineering and is pursuing a B.E. at the Thayer School of Engineering. He is the high voltage project lead and team electrical lead for 2017-2018.



Project Leads

Shaun Sengupta

Shaun Sengupta hails from Secaucus, New Jersey and is studying engineering controls and will be completing his 5th year B.E. in 2018. In addition to his role as Project Manager, he is conducting a three-term independent study to design and implement the Hybrid Motor Controller. Shaun is a huge BMW and Tesla fan, considered 0-60 times more than 4.2 to be slow, can cook 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes, and is a professional procrastinator by trade. Shaun is the hybrid controls project lead for 2017-2018.

Jake Herman

Jake Herman is from Marblehead, MA and is a junior studying electrical engineering and computer science. His favorite projects involve microcontrollers or sophisticated backend systems. Other interests include skiing, surfing, mountain biking, or anything else that involves going fast. This year, he’s leading the grounded low voltage system team.

Allie Stasior

Allie Stasior is a sophomore studying engineering at Thayer. She joined the team in her freshman year, working on the pedal assembly, bodywork, and pretty much anything else that needed to be done. She is DFR's hard-working composites project lead for 2017-2018.