Dartmouth Formula Racing

The Team

The team, pictured in Allyn Large Frame Lab at the Thayer School of Engineering.


Team Leads

Margaux LeBlanc Th'16

Margaux LeBlanc has been watching the Formula Hybrid competition since high school. She is a dual-degree engineering student at Thayer from Colby College with a degree in Computer Science. Her can-do attitude and automotive curiosity make her a major asset to the team, and also led her to convert her own truck to a hybrid vehicle. Needless to say, Margaux is dead-set on bringing the best hybrid vehicle to Formula Hybrid 2016.

Ben Parker '16

Ben Parker, known in DFR circles as "BCP", joined the team his freshman year, designed the braking system and steering systems on the previous generation car, and served as team co-captain in 2014/15. Ben is a "weekend warrior" cyclist, loves battery technology, and studies German alongside engineering at Dartmouth. He is the battery pack technical lead in 2015/16.



Mechanical Hands

Gerardo Charles '16

Gerardo Charles joined DFR his sophomore fall after hearing about the club from a fellow 14'. From then on out he has worked on suspension, composite materials, braking, bodywork, and served as team co-captain in 2014/15. He looks forward to becoming a designer in all senses of the word - using aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering knowledge to build things that are as good looking as they are functional. A cinephile, hip-hop head, hepcat, art aficionado, and 'speed hipster', if he had one sense as his favorite, he'd be torn between sight and sound. Outside of his engineering classes, you can usually find him in the studio or in the wood-shop working on art projects.

Dammy Adeoti '16

Dammy Adeoti, originally from West Orange, New Jersey, is studying Mechanical Engineering at The Thayer School of Engineering. He has assisted in the modification of the last team car’s battery pack design, seat design, and chassis, and looks forward to helping design the mechanical systems of the upcoming car. After graduating, Dammy is interested in exploring the automotive and consumer electronics fields. Dammy is also an avid fan of hip-hop music, and ice hockey. His love for sushi and the culinary arts has earned him the nickname, Master Chef Jiro.


Shaun Sengupta '17

Shaun Sengupta is from Secaucus, New Jersey, born and raised (and on the playground, where he spent most of his days). Shaun studies Engineering Sciences and is planning to complete is B.E. in either Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. He joined DFR in his freshman year and can't wait for the upcoming 2015-2016 Formula Hybrid season. Apart from academics, Shaun is a huge BMW and Tesla fan, he considers a 0-60 time more than 4.2 seconds to be slow, he can cook 30-minute brownies in 20 minutes, and he is a professional procrastinator by trade. In Hanover, he bleeds green for Dartmouth, but back home in NJ, he bleeds blue for the Giants.



Electrical & Programming

Erik Loscalzo '18

Some call him Erik, but since it seems almost everyone at the Thayer School of Engineering has the name "Erik", he's also called the "jank master". Erik Loscalzo is known for getting just about anything to work using parts he finds laying around in Allyn Large Frame Lab, the team workshop. He knows the DFR car's electrical system inside and out and can detail it to you without looking at any documentation (because it may not exist). Some say that the reason the DFR car is so shiny is because he polishes every part with his own sweat, but you'll have to find out for yourself!

Christopher Dalldorf '16

Chris Dalldorf, a '16 from Greensboro, North Carolina, studies biomedical engineering at Dartmouth. While not a gear-head himself, he has an intense interest in understanding how things work and making things which led him to join DFR. When not googling what Formula One is or why none of its drivers don't try to jump over the barriers as a shortcut, he has been largely involved in understanding and integrating the low voltage systems into the car with a particular focus on the car's printed circuit board. He also loves spending time in the outdoors and playing sports, despite being bad at doing both of those things.


Bruno Korbar '18

Bruno Korbar is a CS major who has been breaking computers since the age of 3, and who is old enough to remember both times Mika Hakkinen won the World Championship. He has been working on every electrical thing he found, but for this year, he is focusing on programming the motor controller and dealing with data acquisition. Some say that his keyboard does not have a backspace key, and when he codes, he does it exclusively in green shades and marathon shorts.

Andrew Shuffer '18

Andrew Shuffer is from Cleveland, Ohio and studies engineering at Thayer. He has been building things ever since he was 4, and hasn’t stopped. When he first joined the team, he was eager to get his hands dirty working on the car, so he helped troubleshoot the car’s battery management system. He also wired in a new one for the 2015 car. He enjoys both electrical and mechanical engineering, and finds DFR as a great way to explore both. When he’s not in the shop working on the car and blasting jazz music, you can find him playing soccer on the Green or hanging out with friends. People seem to like his last name a little more than his first, referring to him as, “Shuffer”.


Carter Noordsij '18

Carter Noordsij is a local kid from the nearby town of New London, New Hampshire. He's pursuing a B.E. at Thayer and plans to complete the school's M.E.M. program after graduation. Despite his self-ascribed lack of technical knowledge and ability, he managed to survive the rewiring of last year's car without electrocuting himself and is psyched to dive into the hybrid rebuild for the 2016 season. Outside Allyn, you'll find him skiing, mountain biking, or playing pick-up basketball.



Finances & Documentation

Madison Gilfert '18

Maddie Gilfert is an engineering student with a concentration in aerospace. She's originally from South Jersey, but you wouldn't know it looking at her boot and buckle collection. She spends as much time as possible in the air as a student pilot, water skiing on the Susquehanna River, and snow skiing in the Rockies. Animals hold a special place in her heart, and she'll stop at nothing to save one in need: Her apartment is currently inhabited by two kittens she pulled out of a dumpster. They love sitting on every DFR sponsorship document they can get their paws on.




Not Pictured

- Rongfei Lu '18

- Sarah Oh '17

- James Thompson '17

- Andrew Madden

- Derek Halden '16