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DFR Car Show Postponed Until Fall 2013

March 20, 2013

The second Annual Dartmouth Formula Racing Car show will happen in the fall of 2013, probably near the middle of October, according to most recent reports. '14 Captain Eric Din proposed postponing the car show from the proposed May date to the fall so that the DFR team can spend more time in the preceding weeks prepping the '13 car for competition. Din was not available for comment. Putting a car show together is a lot of work, and the fall one was time consuming and required a lot of organization and person-hours to contact car-owners, and given the amount of work necessary to get the '13 formula racer ready for the competition in May, it is understandable to postpone the car show to the fall. Check out the galleries page for pictures from the 2012 DFR car show!