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March 25, 2013

Hey Folks, I've been corresponding with Jennifer St. Laurence, director of Career Services at Thayer, and Assistant Dean Holly Wilkinson, former director of Career Services about the formation of a DFR Linked-In group. Such a group would help to keep DFR alumni connected with the progress and direction of the current DFR team. Maintaining strong relations with our alumni is incredibly important, and we would like to encourage our alumni to stay involved as fans, donors, sponsors, or advisors. It would also provide an invaluable networking tool both for DFR alumni and graduating students looking for jobs in the automotive or related engineering industries and Thayer undergraduates looking for internships in related fields. DFR has an incredibly strong, impressive group of alumni and it only makes sense to unite them for professional networking. Career Services has agreed to create a Dartmouth Formula Racing subgroup of the Thayer School of Engineering Linked-in group, and send out invitations to all alumni who listed DFR in their work experience. I look forward to the formation of the sub-group, and will link to it from the website under the Social Media sections of both the home page and the contact page.