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During the analysis of the previous car (Candi), the team felt that the full dynamic potential of the car could not be accessed due to an inability to apply the full torque potential of the turbocharged powertrain to the ground. With this in mind, the team focused Sandi’s development efforts on factors that effect drivability and ability to put the power to the ground. The team adopted three major design objectives for the 2007 campaign: First, to increase traction in the form of wider rear tires and a traction control system. Second, to lower the center of gravity through the implementation of dry sump oiling and packaging of the turbo system as low to the ground as possible. Third, to improve the agility of the car by shortening the wheelbase and designing a unique monoshock suspension system that enables the tuning of bump and roll independently.

The results of these three objectives was impressive. Of all the design aspects, the judges at competition were most intrigued by the monoshock system; instead of modifying both the roll and bump stiffness with an adjustment at one corner of the car, the new system maintained that one adjustment would modify only one parameter. With a simplifed tuning procedure, on-track tuning could be done rapidly, and the limited time on the track could be spent in driver training and testing of other new and improved systems.



Sandi’s innovative designs led to a 7th place design competition finish at FSAE West in California. To the team’s dismay however, the car would not re-start during the driver switch in the endurance race, eliminating any hopes of a top 10 finish. At Formula Student at England’s famed Silverstone F1 track, the team stepped back on the track and performed solidly in all events with a 13th place overall finish, despite having to address some last minute mechanical drivetrain failures during testing.