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2008 : Molly

Molly marked the third year of development for what was becoming a monster of a car. As new systems were added, the already massive car bulged to over 800 pounds over the year, and as there was no vehicle dynamics team, the suspension and steering system remained largely untouched. She suffered from an obnoxious under-steer and those of us who spent time behind her wheel would tell you it was exhausting to drive. Despite her shortcomings, Molly made up for it in sheer straight line acceleration. She had a brushed DC motor which could provide 100 ft-lbs of torque sourced by a 300 volt capacitor bank which, when fully charged, could provide enough current to accelerate Molly as fast as her wheels could grip the road. Despite several legitimate challengers in the 2009 competition, Molly still holds the course records for both electric only and unlimited acceleration.



During the endurance portion of the competition, Molly suffered from a electronic failure which prevented her electric and hybrid systems from running simultaneously. However, because both systems worked independently, the driver (Tom Carney) was able to charge the capacitors and return to the pit in all electric mode. She was able to complete several more laps before she was eventually pulled due to oil leaking onto the radiator. Despite not being able to finish the endurance event, Molly still provided Dartmouth with its most successful finish to date and provided the team with valuable experience with racing hybrids.