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2009 : Georgia

Georgia marked DFR’s first year competing exclusively in Formula Hybrid, and it was our first car to be built from the ground up as a hybrid-electric racer. The purpose-built chassis allowed for innovations such as front and rear monoshocks and inboard capacitor banks. The hybrid drivetrain also exhibited DFR’s exploration of new ideas, with independent rear-wheel drive and an electronic differential. Unfortunately, at competition issues with reliability threw the car out of the running for the top three finish it was heading for, but the level of technical sophistication won the team the "IEEE Future of Engineering Award!" In order to take advantage of the excellent work put into Georgia, the 2010 car would be built on the same chassis and suspension.



Specs: Wheel Base: 60 in Track Width: 49/48 in (Front/Rear) Weight: About 650 lbs Suspension: Monoshock (Front and Rear) Drive Configuration: Series Hybrid with Independent Rear Wheel Drive Internal Combustion Engine: 249cc Honda CRF250X Fuel Type: 93 Octane Gasoline Generator: LMC LEM-200 RAG/S Drive Motors: 2x LMC LEM-200 RAG/S Motor Controllers: 2x Kelly KDHB-series Accumulators: 44 1500F 2.7V Maxwell Ultracapacitors in Series Electronics: Custom Vehicle Controller, Custom Display, DAQ, and more



Competition Results: Formula Hybrid: 7th • Design: 2nd • Presentation: 3rd • Acceleration (Electric): 2nd • Acceleration (Unrestricted): 4th • Autocross: - • Endurance: -