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2014 : Shona

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2006 : Candi

2006 : El-Myra

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2006 : Candi

Building off a year of significant advances in weight reductions with Vicki, the 2006 DFR team shifted focus to the powertrain for major development efforts. The team decided to modify the powertrain to include a turbocharger and to run on ethanol instead of 93 Octane petrol, the previous fuel of choice. Through extensive dynomometer testing in the Thayer school labs and on track tuning with the help of Sponsor Charlie Nearburg and his team in Dallas Texas, this new powertrain was super reliable and produced more than 50% more torque than previous DFR cars.



Unfortunately, a catastrophic failure in a rear spindle led to a DNF in the Endurance race at FSAE Detroit, taking the team out of the running for the top 10 overall at that event. However, the strong powertrain, well tuned suspension, and solid design platform characteristic of DFR cars led to some performance highlights: 7th place in design, and 4th Place in Skid-pad at FSAE Detroit, and 7th place overall at Formula Student in England. After the race season was completed, a large number of students on the team attended OptimumG, an intense 3-day seminar on vehicle dynamics and racecar design led by the renowned Claude Rouelle, in hopes of developing the team’s knowledge-base for success in the years to come.



In 2010, Candi was displayed on the stage at TEDxDartmouth!