Dartmouth Formula Racing

The Team

Meet the team members!


Eric Din '14

2014 Team Captain

Nickname: Scratch Din

Speciality: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Projects: Low Voltage System, Dashboard, Motor Controller Logic, LV Enclosure, Motor Mounts, Finances, Fundraising, Alumni Relations

Hometown: Riverside, IL

Ride: 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon

Bio: Eric "Scratch" Din is the 2014 captain and the driving force behind DFR. The amount of time he puts into DFR is unbelievable, and he does great work. Most people attribute his success to his bun, skinny jeans, and clear-framed glasses. Eric's favorite tool is the pair of vicegrips holding his exhaust to the bottom of his car, and his favorite season is spring because he can't drive his car in the winter. In his free time, Eric plays with his toy computer and his easy-bake oven. He cares less about driving fast than getting slideways and he once revved his late 1972 Land Cruiser to 4000 rpm.


Website (caustion: flash): ericd.in



Paul Hogan'14

Chief Suspension

Nickname: Phogan

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering

Projects: Suspension Design, Simulation, Cad, and Fabrication

Hometown: Bethesda Maryland

Whip: 2010 Honda Civic

Bio: Paul "P-Hoags" Hogan has a great smile. He spearheaded the suspension design and vehicle dynamics simulation of the vehicle. After a brief stint with carbon a-arms, Paul settled us with a traditional steel construction, and a return to the classic dual-shock system. Paul's a regular handyman who spends much of his time in the machine shop working with his hands, and a diligent worker. One of the best problem setters we have. Paul is a little bit like a deer. Paul likes going mountain biking and catching big-air.




Erik Skarin '14

Master Handyman

Nickname: Ace

Speciality: Mechanical and Environmental Engineering

Projects: Battery Pack design and Testing, Drivetrain Design and Fabrication, Motor Testing, Miscellaneous Wiring, Being Useful, Cleaning,

Hometown: Sunapee, NH

Wheels: 2006 Golf TDI

Bio: Erik Skarin is a regular townie. When he's not running into people he knows around the Upper Valley, Erik is fixing something. He loves to tinker with his bike and his car, and has designed and fabricated custom parts for both in the Thayer School Machine Shop. Erik loves to clean, organize, and get things done. He hates going to the gym because he doesn't have any upper body confidence, but is somehow in remarkably good shape. His car might be the loudest out of all of ours, and he once drove halfway accross the country with no 5th gear. It does have carbon door handles though. Erik is incredibly excited for the 2014 race season. Once he said, Wow I can't wait until you guys break this car so I can fix it.





Sean Hammett '14

Lead Mechanical Technician

Nickname: Shamm

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art

Projects: Chassis Design, Fab, and Welding, Upright Design, Fab, and Welding, Wheel Assemblies,

Hometown: Sonoma, California

Clunker: 1965 Chevrolet Corvair

Bio: Sean Hammett is a passionate craftsman and a hard worker. He splits his time between Thayer and the Visual Arts Center, and in both places he uses his skills behind the torch for the betterment of human society. Campus heartthrob, dreamboat, and space cadet are all names used to describe Sean on a regular basis, but when it gets down to it Sean is can do work. He admires figure skating and boring videos, and can't get his weight above 130 lbs. When he's not welding, Sean can usually be found in the Courtyard Cafe with his better half, Billy Jewett.


Website: www.seanhammett.com



William Jewett '14

Lead Technical Mechanic

Nickname: Willy

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering and Digital Art

Projects: Chassis Design, Fab, and Welding, Upright Design, Fab, and Welding, Wheel Assemblies

Hometown: Texas

Rig: 2005 Toyota 2-Runner

Bio: Sean's better half, arch-nemesis, and working buddy, Will Jewett, named for the William Tucker Jewett Foundation, is a rock for DFR. He's always happy to break things, cut wires, and laugh with a single syllable, or get a sunburn. Will is a crazy welder who's skills, with the exception of maybe Sean, are unparalleled among the student body. Will works to preserve a certain 'hardscrabble authenticity' in his work, and has been crushing the welding of the chassis and the uprights. In his free time Billiam enjoys raising and lowering heavy objects, debating about art, and getting free lunches.





Arthur Bledsoe '14

Head of Strategic Marketing and Public Relations

Nickname: Prude

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering

Projects: Battery Pack Design, Testing, Fabrication, BMS Integration, Bodywork Design, CAD, Fab, Radiator and Controller Mounts, Graphics, Webmaster, Fundraising, Alumni Relations, Social Media

Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island

Whip: 2000 Dodge Neon

Bio: Arthur "Prudence" Bledsoe has been in charge of publicity for the team, but also very involved in both the electrical and mechanical systems for the car, and is using his working knowledge of solids to make a comprehensive CAD assembly of the vehicle. His favorite part about his Dodge Neon is the handbrake, and looks forward to the speed and quiet power of the DFR car. In his free time, Arthur enjoys mountain biking and ultimate frisbee, and never misses an opportunity to eat chicken tenders. Eric and Arthur have a vicious pool rivalry, though vicious only in how equally terrible they are.



Website: www.bledsoewhat.com



Christopher Rhoades '13

Executive Author

Nickname: Toph

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art

Projects: Battery Pack Design, Precharge Box, ARB Design and Fab, Bodywork Fab

Hometown: Texas

Ride: 2008 Subaru WRX STi

Bio: Christopher Rhoades has been behind the wheel longer than any of us, not only because he's older, but also because he started racing before he even had his drivers license. Christopher's pleasures include doing laundry, editing papers, and eating entire pints of ice cream. Though normally stoic and deliberate in his speech, after late nights working Christopher becomes giddy and giggly. Christopher was a member of the ENGS 89/90 team that designed the battery packs, and also contributed to the mechanical design of the anti-roll bar.





Kyle Bojanowski '14

Software and Controls Engineer

Nickname: BJ

Speciality: Electrical Engineering

Projects: Low Voltage Wiring, Design, CAN controlls, Microcontroller Verification

Hometown: Middlesex, Connecticut

Wheels: 2006 Ford Explorer

Bio: Kyle Bojanowski is the official dark horse of the DFR team. He started doing the software and electrical work for DFR for the ENGS 89/90. Despite an apparent vacancy at times, Kyle is a committed worker and thanks to his and Eric's efforts the DFR car will have launch control and CAN communication. He hates the Beatles because they are too mainstream, and in his free time enjoys standing in crowds and scanning. His car, unfortunately, has four doors.





Ian Schneider '14

Energy Consultant

Nickname: Sling

Speciality: Enironmental, Chemical, Electrical Engineering

Projects: Battery Pack Design, Charger Selection, Battery Testing

Hometown: Winchester, New York

Ride: 1999 Volvo S60

Bio: Ian Schneider, also known as Sling, is a dynamic worker and critical thinker. His specialties include working with one arm, taking four classes, and typing standing up. Ian enjoys mountain biking and skiing.



Benjamin C. Parker '16

Nickname: BCP

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering

Projects: Brakes, Steering

Hometown: Nantucket, Massachussetts

Ride: Bike

Bio: Ben Charles Parker, no doubt named for both Charlie Parker and Uncle Ben Parker, has been incredibly useful to the team. Taking some intiative and heading up both the braking systems and the steering systems for the car. Unfortunately, he is going to miss competition season to go live in Germany for the spring.




Albert Kim '14

Nickname: Bertie

Speciality: Mechanical Engineering

Projects: Hall Effect Testing, Misc Machining

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois

Ride: A4




Part Time Help / Not Pictured

- Josh Feiber '17

- Andrew Schroeder '15

- Chris Dalldorf '16

- Vineeth Buvanighiri '16

- Wei Wu '14

- Malika Khurana '15

- Christian Ortiz MS

- Darshil Gandhi MEM

- Shyna Khurana MEM

- Jamie Yang '15,

- Aneesh Chuttani '15,

- Daniel Miller '15

- Kaitlin Maier '14

- Michael Berger '14

- Julia Ocampo '14

- Meegan Daigler '14

- Steffi Ostrowski '14

- Scott Brookes '14