Dartmouth Formula Racing

The Team

A couple 14s interested in cars, who worked throughout the 2013 year to plan, design, and begin to fabricate the 2014 DFR competition EV. Check out the full roster for all DFR's team members.

Eric Din '14

Eric is the driving force behind DFR this year. He is ambitious and focused, and does an incredible amount of work to organize and administrate DFR. He is a fearless leader, and once revved his 1927 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 to 4000 rpm. His favorite campus activities are DFR and being a guest on the popular Dartmouth radio show and campus phenomenon, Some Things Considered. Eric loves solidworks and people with two first names, and is in charge of the team selecting the motors and controllers.

Eric is from Riverside, Chicago, Illinois, USA and is interested in electrical and mechanical engineering.


His Land Cruiser is for sale. Contact him at edin92@gmail.com

Paul Hogan '14

Paul is a fun-loving guy whose interest in racing and engineering is deeply rooted in his upbringing. Ever since he was a child he tinkered with cars, (mostly hot-wheels) and he has been tangentially involved with DFR his entire Dartmouth career. Paul is a suspension guy, and is working on designing a compact, efficient suspension system for the new car. Paul's favorite Thayer employee is Kathy Andres, and he likes spending his free time sorting out Allyn with Jason. Paul is a great leader and helps Eric take care of organizing the team and he is incredibly self-motivated and helps to push the rest of us to work as hard as we can. Paul loves unicorns and jello.

Paul is from Bethesda, Maryland and is interested in mechanical engineering.

Sean Hammett

Campus heartthrob Sean Hammett is our steering guy. He's in charge of rounding up the troops to design a smart steering mechanism and is working with Paul to make sure our peppy EV racer handles like a dream. His favorite things are cooking, woodworking, and defensive driving. Sean's favorite Thayer class so far was ENGS 21 and his favorite Thayer employee is Ken Griffiths.

Sean is from Sonoma, California and is interested in mechanical engineering and studio art.

Sean's phone number is 603-643-1340

Scott Brookes '14

Scott Brookes. The man. The Legend. Scott once said, "Cars are my passion, and DFR is just a logical extension of that."

Scott drives a Saabaru WRX wagon with straight pipes, and his favorite episode of Top Gear is the Bolivia Special. Scott's passions include fences, hackjob car mods, and Simon Shepherd. He has been working with cars since elementary school and is looking forward to helping interface the motors and controllers.

Scott is from Long Valley, New Jersey and is interested in electrical engineering and computer science.


Erik Skarin '14

Erik Skarin breaks things just so that he can fix them. His free time is spent fixing other people's bikes, riding his own bike, or making parts for his Golf TDI in the machine shop. Erik uses his car as a baseline spec for everything else in life, including the DFR car. His favorite car is the Ferrari F40 and his favorite Thayer employee is Mike West. He is excited to go fast with DFR and spend all his money. "Electric racecars are the future."

Erik is from Sunapee, New Hampshire and is interested in mechanical engineering and sustainability.

William Jewett '14

Will Jewett likes fast cars, guns, and cowboy boots. He's a motivated and hard worker with an incredible sense of self-discipline. He has been known to go days and nights in a frenzy of focused activity until finishing his projects. Outside thayer, Will enjoys lifting, lowering, and moving heavy objects. His least favorite activity is eating candy bars and his favorite thayer employee is Jason Downs.

Will is from Somewhere, Texas and is interested in mechanical engineering and digital arts.


Will is also the star of the Moderately Interesting Cars page.

Arthur Bledsoe '14

Arthur is a forward-thinking, fast moving go-getter who is incredibly excited about DFR. Arthur spent his entire life building with legos and has finally graduated to using steel tubes as he is heading up the chassis design for the new car. Arthur is interested in everything and surprised by nothing. His 2000 Dodge Neon barely runs because he is too invested in DFR to take the time to fix it. He spends his free time bouncing around campus on his pogo stick and playing extreme frisbee. His favorite car is the Reliant Robin and his favorite Thayer employee is Rene.

Arthur is from Barrington, RI and is interested in mechanical engineering and studio art.

Arthur and Sean co-host "Some Things Considered" on Dartmouth College Radio. It airs Thursdays at 9pm at www.webdcr.com