Dartmouth College
PKI Outreach

PKI Unlocked
Summit and Workshop for Deploying PKI to End Users in Higher Education


This page contains links to materials, presentations, and results of the Dartmouth PKI deployment summit, July 13 - 15, 2004.


"Introduction to PKI and Its Applications in Higher Education" pre-workshop seminar  (includes lots of links to many slides and "how to"s used for the hands-on, user participation demos at the seminar)


The following presentations are posted here with the authors' permission.

OSAF Case Study
Johnson and Johnson Case Study
Dartmouth Case Study
USC Case Study
Wisconsin Case Study
UT Houston Case Study

OASIS PKI Technical Committee's Action Plan
User Behavior Study
Wisconsin Key Protection
NIH EDUCAUSE Digital Signing Interoperability Project
PKI Lab R & D


Findings from our working sessions

Jon Udell's Infoworld column discussing presentations at our meeting