Dartmouth College
PKI Outreach

PKI Unlocked
Summit and Workshop for Deploying PKI to End Users in Higher Education

Dartmouth College
July 14 & 15, 2004
Hanover, NH

Help make client-side PKI happen in higher education!


The Dartmouth PKI Lab is sponsoring a nuts and bolts meeting to dig into practically focused, real-life PKI deployment issues in higher education.  The time is ripe for client-side PKI in higher education, but widespread deployment has been slow to happen.  Join us at the Dartmouth campus in scenic Hanover, New Hampshire to:

  • Network with other pioneers who are deploying PKI in higher education and elsewhere.
  • See case studies of how a variety of schools have succeeded in deploying PKI for end users on campus.
  • Hear about cutting edge projects and initiatives in PKI for higher education.
  • Help formulate a plan to catalyze and support more rapid deployment of PKI in higher education.
  • Get an introduction to PKI, hands on experience using PKI, and background on general PKI deployment issues at a half-day, pre-workshop seminar on July 13.


PKI Unlocked sessions will be held in the Wheelock Room in the Hanover Inn on the green at Dartmouth College in scenic Hanover, NH.

Relevance of Topic

PKI is an important technology to address higher education’s ever increasing IT security requirements.  The early adopters in higher education are finding that consulting and collaborating together is extremely helpful in minimizing the costs and pain of deploying PKI.  This summit seeks to broaden this consultation and collaboration by bringing PKI pioneers and committed early adopters and evaluators together for an intensive “nuts and bolts” session.

Intended Audience

IT executives, administrators, architects, and system administrators actively engaged in, starting, or considering a PKI deployment for end users at their campuses.

Attendees Will Take Away

This session will help attendees learn how to harness PKI’s full potential for campus users’ cyber security.  It will provide case studies of successful deployments, ample opportunities to discuss and plan solutions for specific challenges and roadblocks, and “meet the developers” sessions for PKI practitioners from higher education, industry, and vendors.

For attendees with less experience in PKI, we offer a half-day, pre-workshop seminar:
Introduction to PKI and Hands-on Tutorial
- July 13, 1:00 - 5:30

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