Dartmouth OpenCA-LiveCD


The Dartmouth OpenCA-LiveCD is a bootable CD with an installation script to help people have an OpenCA Certificate Authority ready for testing in just a few minutes. This CD works on most Intel architecture PCs regardless of what operating system is installed on its hard disk and even without any hard disk installed. It will not modify any contents of your hard disk unless you specifically ask it to do so. You can download the CD image from http://media.dartmouth.edu/~deploypki/openca-livecd.iso . You can get documentation about how to use the CD image at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deploypki/CA/OpenCA-LiveCD.html .  Ron Dinapoli from Cornell has contributed an excellent and very thorough document  describing the use of OpenCA LiveCD in much greater detail than our own documentation.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Dartmouth OpenCA-LiveCD disk image.
  2. Burn the CD image onto a CD
  3. et the PC to boot from a system CD (you may need to reorder boot devices to prevent the system from booting off your hard disk even though you have the boot CD inserted)
  4. Insert the CD into the drive, and restart the system
  5. The PC will boot, and a configuration script will start automatically, allowing you to customize your Certificate Authority:
  6. Follow the directions for initialization of the CA located here.
  7. At the end of the instruction process, clients can request certificates over the web, and the admin can issue certificates from the mozilla interface on the installed machine.

Additional Resources

Last Modified: 8/11/2005