DEN Acronym, the Dartmouth Environmental Network;

1. Founded in 1989 as a loosely-knit alumni group to promote awareness of environmental issues and professional opportunities;

2. Reformulated in 2000 to inform the Dartmouth Community about developments in ecological technology, process, and thought.

Using the resources of the network to bring in experts from industry, research, and nonprofit sectors for campus workshops, DEN initiates dialogue on practical ecological innovations. In doing so, DEN helps to inform the decision making process on issues related to the College's commitment to ecological stewardship. Example: Green Residence Halls: Planning and Process forum, October 2000.

DEN is proud of the steps that it has taken to increase its on campus involvement. Working intimately with a host of student groups, DEN seeks to improve the planning and scope of student initiatives by leveraging the resources of the network. These steps, in conjunction with its membership directory, campus career panels, and quarterly newsletter, give DEN a solid foundation from which to promote environmental excellence at Dartmouth.

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