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Good Samaritan Policy Information

Student health and safety are the primary concerns of the Dartmouth community. Students are expected to contact Safety and Security when they believe that assistance for an intoxicated/impaired student is needed. The Department of Safety and Security (DOSS) will assist intoxicated individuals by providing or facilitating transport to medical facilities at the College Health Service, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, or by taking other protective measures. In case of medical emergency, students should call 911 for assistance by local police, fire safety or medical professionals.

Students and/or organizations that seek assistance from these sources, the individual assisted, and others involved will not be subject to College disciplinary action with respect to the alcohol policy. (This policy does not preclude disciplinary action regarding other violations of College standards, such as causing or threatening physical harm, sexual abuse, damage to property, harassment, hazing, etc. Students should also be aware that this College policy does not prevent action by local and state authorities.) Safety and Security will record names of intoxicated students to enable any follow-up that may be deemed necessary to ensure students’ well-being. Other information may also be recorded to enable any other necessary follow-up.

In order for this policy to apply, the intoxicated student(s) must agree to timely completion of recommended alcohol education activities, assessment, and/or treatment depending on the level of concern for student health and safety. Serious or repeated incidents will prompt a higher degree of medical concern. Failure to complete recommended follow-up will normally result in disciplinary action and could also prompt the imposition of a medical withdrawal. Likewise, organizations involved in an incident must agree to take recommended steps to address concerns.

The Office of Risk Management and other appropriate offices may request and receive information regarding a student’s history under the Good Samaritan Policy for purposes of determining eligibility for College driver certification.


Last Updated: 7/29/09