Student Global AIDS Campaign

Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC)

SGAC brings together a coalition of students from colleges nationwide devoted to ending global inequalities in treatment for HIV/AIDS. Its current campaign focuses on pressuring U.S. politicians to allocate the necessary funding for the President's Emergency Plan for Funding AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). As a presidential candidate, President Obama promised a $50 billion funding target for PEPFAR, yet he has cited the economic crisis as a reason to flat-line funding. Recent evidence showing that AIDS treatment can reduce the risk of HIV transmission by 92% demonstrates the huge potential for progress. In January, DCGH sent over 20 members to an SGAC conference at Harvard (more representatives than any other school there). With the Republican presidential candidates campaigning heavily in New Hampshire soon, Dartmouth students are perfectly positioned to pressure them to fund global AIDS.

Our current SGAC chairs are Daniel Bornstein '14, Neil Bhatt '14, and Eva Xiao '14.

Universities Fighting World Hunger Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH)

UFWH is a network of schools committed to making the fighting against hunger a core value of higher education institutions. It focuses on a combination of awareness-raising, advocacy, and academic initiatives. High education plays a particularly important role in combating hunger, given schools' research, teaching, and ability to develop a generation of students capable of becoming leaders on global food security issues. UFWH is devoted to ending hunger not just globally but also locally. See this Op-Ed in The Dartmouth by Local Service/Food Security Chair, Sarah-Marie Hopf '13, about how Dartmouth can contribute to fighting hunger locally:

DCGHSE will be inviting Handy Williamson to campus during the spring term 2011 to discuss food security in Africa.

Our current Food Security Chairs are Daniel Bornstein '14 and Sarah-Marie Hopf '13.