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February 4, 2008 ~ FRONT PAGE picture of Cindy playing with the kids at HopStop!

April 17, 2006 ~ we performed at the "Up All Night" event!

Jan 16, 2006 ~ FRONT PAGE picture of us performing at the Hood opening of the new exhibit "Past in Reverse"

Nov 21, 2005 ~ FRONT PAGE picture of our lovely Rachel at Legacies 2005!

Nov 12, 1999 ~ rockin' Shanghai nights!

Oct 5, 1999 ~ "Chinese culture is Alive at Dartmouth through Dance" Yea that's us baby!

Feb 23, 1996 ~ a look at our very beginnings

Well all groups make mistakes when we're performing. Some more than others. And CDT is no exception. We've had our unwanted moments of glory. And you know, when you're fan won't open, this is the look of terror! Oh My!